Hello friend! Winter is finally here. Now we don’t have too cold a winter in Los Angeles, but I still like to adjust my clothes for the new season. Let me show you my process for updating my closet and transitioning into my winter wardrobe.

Update Colors of Winter Wardrobe

For my seasonal color palettes, I like to take cues from nature and the occasions of that season. For example, during fall transition, I like to wear warmer colors such as browns and oranges. Then, during December, I center my outfits around holiday colors. For that month, I wore a lot of red, green and gold. Now that we are in Winter, I lean towards a few staple color schemes.

First, I add white back into my wardrobe (stay tuned for winter white posts). During the fall months, I did not wear much white (besides small accent pieces). But now that it is winter, I can add it back in. Because winter is often associated with snow, white makes for a quintessential winter color.

In addition to the white, I adjust the rest of my colors away from the warm shades of fall and towards the cooler and icier tones of winter. For example, I will wear more blues and grays.

Try New Combinations

Winter is the perfect season to experiment with layers! I enjoy layering cool weather clothes such as scarves, vests and sweaters over other pieces in my wardrobe. This makes for fun and new combinations to wear. The key to making this type of look “work” is to choose a unifying color scheme.

Polished whimsy winter wardrobe transition

For example, pick items that have similar tones so they look like they “go” together even if they are from different seasons. As you can see in the example below, I have paired a spring/summer pleated skirt with a thick turtleneck sweater. Even though the items look like they are from different seasons, the outfit works because the colors are unified. In this example, it is the color gray that brings it all together.

Polished whimsy's winter wardrobe transition with flowy skirt and turtleneck sweater

Retire Some Pieces

Finally, I urge you to retire some items of clothing. Whether it’s a permanent retirement to a charity or a temporary retirement to storage, you will see results. Your winter wardrobe will be neater and more accessible.

No matter what, there will be some items you just won’t wear year round (for me that is rompers, shorts and sandals). Instead of letting them occupy valuable space in your closet, pack them away for the season. This accomplishes a working closet (in that everything in it can be worn at that time). It also gives you something to look forward to next season, where you get to bring out those stored pieces. It’s like free shopping!

These three simple updates keep me interested in my wardrobe and help me look fresh each season. Do you have any other tips? Please let me know in the comments!

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