Hello friend! As you know from reading my blog, I enjoy pairing unexpected pieces together (read more about it in my lace skirt and sweatshirt post). Because I have recently been pulling out my white items of clothing from storage (discussed in my winter transition post), I came upon that same lace skirt. I knew I wanted to wear it in a unique way, so I tried a plaid and lace outfit.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit

Plaid and White Lace

The outfit came out better than I anticipated. There is just something inherently beautiful about pairing unexpected pieces together. I especially like to pair “soft” with “tough” which is how I came up with my camo and lace post. The same concept works here. A “tough” or masculine plaid shirt is paired with a “soft” or feminine lace skirt.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit

An added bonus of wearing this skirt in the winter is the ability to stretch out my summer wardrobe. Although this skirt, with its feminine eyelet and scallop detail, is more of a summer skirt, paired with the flannel, it can pass in the winter.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit

Even though the outfit itself is such a standout, I still couldn’t resist adding another pattern in. Therefore, I wore a leopard print shoe. Then I just pulled it all together with a black shoulder bag. Lastly, for jewelry, I added one of my favorite earrings and some fun rings.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit and baublebar earrings

Plaid and Black Lace

Because the above outfit worked out so well, I set out to try it with another lace skirt. I chose a pretty black and taupe lace skirt. This time, I chose a plaid top with many neutral tones in it. The outfit also turned out great.

Polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfitpolished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit

For the accessories here, I chose not to pattern mix (it does happen once in a while)! Instead I opted for accessories with some fun details and textures. Therefore I chose a pair of booties with fringe and a fun textured clutch.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit polished whimsy in plaid and lace All in all, I think both of these outfits turned out great. Furthermore, it gives you more options on mixing your clothing items together. I hope you try a plaid and lace outfit for yourself! Items from this post (or similar ones) are available for shopping below!

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