With the recent purchase of a new home, I am in the middle of major decorating fun. However decorating my home is taking away from my time on the blog. Therefore instead of putting the blog on hold, I thought I’d share my decorating adventures here. That way I can help any of you who may also be in the process of decorating. Furthermore, I’ll have a stylish group of advisers to help me (so thank you!). I’ll add content as new topics and concerns come up.

Master Bathroom Decor

The first room I completed decorating is my master bath (no surprise, it’s also the smallest!). My bathroom tile and countertop is shades of gray, white and black. I initially wanted to mix things up with a bunch of color. However, I couldn’t find just the right colors. So I put the color plan on hold and opted for some pattern.

When I saw the Kate Spade Deco Dot collection, I immediately knew it was the right one for me. Dots and stripes? You know they were calling my name.┬áSince my master bathroom is small, I only had to purchase a few bathroom accessories and I was essentially done. I opted for the wastebasket, the soap dispenser, the toothbrush holder and the tray. While the tray is probably meant to be used for pretty napkins, I am using mine to hold my floss and toothpaste! Why shouldn’t these items get to have a pretty place to hang out?

Now the collection also has a bathmat which I really wanted! But it had received many bad reviews. Therefore I thought I’d be smart and pass on it. This was very difficult as it was a polka dot bathmat…super hard to resist for someone like me! However, I did purchase solid black bathmats from Bed Bath and Beyond. And they are perfect! I got their smallest size as my room is pretty small. These fit the room just right!

Dining Room

Luckily my old dining room furniture fit into my new house, so I was spared the expense of having to purchase a new set. The only thing my dining room needs is a new chandelier. I can’t decide if I should splurge and pick a really nice one or just get a middle range one. I’m figuring as a splurge it’s not a bad idea since it won’t get used and worn down like furniture does. I mean, it’s just hanging there, right? It should stay in good condition…

So if I were to splurge, one of the chandeliers I’ve been oggling is this acrylic one. Another option is this one, also acrylic. Which one do you prefer?