Pattern Primer: Fall Floral Skirt with Ciana Printed Skirt

Hello friend! I have discussed the virtues of fall florals before, so I will spare you the reprise. But I will not pass on the chance to share this particular fall floral skirt with you. Meet the Ciana printed skirt from Anthropologie. This skirt is the epitome of an Elsie skirt: bold print, pretty colors and pleated full silhouette. Let me show you how I styled her.

Styling a floral skirt for fall: how to make it look season appropriate | Anthropologie Ciana printed skirt | Colorful outfit | fall florals | Fall floral skirt | mustard and burgundy | fall outfit | fall styleStyling a floral skirt for fall: how to make it look season appropriate | Anthropologie Ciana printed skirt | Colorful outfit | fall florals | Fall floral skirt | mustard and burgundy | fall outfit | fall style

Ciana Printed Skirt: Review

First let me review the fit of this skirt. As I mentioned above, it is a full skirt. I adore a full skirt. I think it looks good on everyone because it accentuates the waist. It always makes for a feminine look. The Ciana printed skirt is made well, with lots of individual panels sewn together. It is however, 100% polyester, which isn’t my favorite of fabrics. Also, it does not have a lining.

Styling a floral skirt for fall: how to make it look season appropriate | Anthropologie Ciana printed skirt | Colorful outfit | fall florals | Fall floral skirt | mustard and burgundy | fall outfit | fall style

As far as fit goes, the Ciana printed skirt comes through. I purchased a size small and it fits me perfectly. It creates a pretty silhouette and falls very elegantly over the hips. One of the details I especially love is the rose gold zipper in the back. It just adds a stylish touch.

Styling a floral skirt for fall: how to make it look season appropriate | Anthropologie Ciana printed skirt | Colorful outfit | fall florals | Fall floral skirt | mustard and burgundy | fall outfit | fall style

Fall Florals Outfit with the Ciana Printed Skirt

When I first saw the Ciana printed skirt, I was drawn to the pretty floral print and the muted fall colors. Therefore when I went to wear it, I decided to keep the skirt as the focus point of the outfit. Thus I paired it with a simple gray shell and a burgundy Jackie cardigan.

Styling a floral skirt for fall: how to make it look season appropriate | Anthropologie Ciana printed skirt | Colorful outfit | fall florals | Fall floral skirt | mustard and burgundy | fall outfit | fall styleStyling a floral skirt for fall: how to make it look season appropriate | Anthropologie Ciana printed skirt | Colorful outfit | fall florals | Fall floral skirt | mustard and burgundy | fall outfit | fall style

However, because I do adore my colors, I needed another pop of it. Therefore I added some punch to the outfit with a pair of mustard heels. As you know, I have a thing for mustard and burgundy so I just couldn’t resist it here.

Styling a floral skirt for fall: how to make it look season appropriate | Anthropologie Ciana printed skirt | Colorful outfit | fall florals | Fall floral skirt | mustard and burgundy | fall outfit | fall style

For accessories I chose a short but intricate necklace. I think it echos the femininity of the skirt perfectly

Styling a floral skirt for fall: how to make it look season appropriate | Anthropologie Ciana printed skirt | Colorful outfit | fall florals | Fall floral skirt | mustard and burgundy | fall outfit | fall style

I hope you enjoyed another example of a fall florals outfit. I truly find it is so easy and beautiful to wear florals in the fall. Are you on the fall florals bandwagon?

Try This: Cold Shoulder Sweater

Hello friend!

We all have enjoyed many months of bare shoulders in the summer, with both off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops. But with colder weather arriving, I thought the cold shoulder trend was over. I was happily proven wrong by the cold shoulder sweater. Let me show you two ways to wear it now.

cold shoulder sweater for work

For work, I suggest pairing the sweater with more classic work apparel so that it’s not too trendy looking. Here I paired it with a favorite floral print skirt.

Shein ruffle cold shoulder sweater with floral print skirt

To contrast the femininity of the ruffle in the top, I added an edgy warrior necklace. I feel it balanced out the look.

Shein ruffle cold shoulder sweater with baublebar warrior necklace

I wanted a pop of color, so I turned to my most recent shoe purchase, these mustard yellow pumps. As you know, I have done a full blog post on pairing mustard and mint (if you missed it, go see it here). Therefore, the pairing was a natural mix for me.

Mustard and mint outfit palette

To ground the look, I chose a neutral gray purse, also a recent purchase and new favorite!

Shein cold shoulder sweater with mint green floral skirt and mustard yellow pumps

All in all, it was a perfect way to incorporate the cold shoulder trend into a work outfit.

cold shoulder sweater for fun

In contrast to the work outfit, wearing a cold shoulder sweater for fun was a much easier pairing. A jeans look was a must! I wore this outfit on a recent trip to San Francisco. Because of the cooler temps in San Francisco (compared to Los Angeles), I added a scarf to the top.

Shein ruffle cold shoulder sweater with jeans and scarf

For this look, since the outfit was so casual, I chose to add some sparkle in my accessories. Therefore, I added a fun pair of earrings. Because they were in neutral tones, this recently purchased pair from Baublebar was the perfect addition to the outfit. They added some oomph but did not take away from the beauty of the sweater.

Cold shoulder sweater with baublebar earrings

Overall, it was a perfect look for a day in the city. I felt fashion forward yet comfortable.

What do you think about the cold shoulder sweater? Let me know in the comments. And as always, if you are interested in shopping these items, they are listed below with exception to the sweater, which is linked here.


Disclaimer: This sweater was gifted by SheIn. However, my opinions are always my own and are not affected by a collaboration.

Do Accessories Make the Outfit?

Hi friend!

Have you heard the phrase, “the accessories make the outfit?” Do you find that to be true? I believe it can be true, especially when it comes to a neutral outfit. Let me show you how I amp up my accessories to add more interest to an outfit.

The outfit in question is this one I wore recently for dinner and drinks in New York City.

accessories make the outfit with polka dot midi skirt with black heels and black bag

To make the simplest of pairings, one would add black shoes and bag. It is a no-brainer: there is black in the skirt and the top is black! And truly, there is nothing wrong with the look. It is classic, elegant and timeless.

accessories make the outfit with topshop neoprene polka dot midi skirt with club monaco open back tank

But you know me and my love for colors and patterns. While I like to pack neutral clothing and accessories for travel (see travel series), black shoes and bag was just too matchy-matchy for me. I had to mix it up, but I still wanted to keep it neutral. Well, I remembered what my friend @queserasarah says: leopard is a neutral. I grabbed my Kate Spade leopard heels and off I went.

accessories make the outfit with top shop neoprene polka dot midi skirt with leopard print heels

The outfit was perfect for travel, neutral but still fun. Can’t you tell from the smile on my face?

open back club monaco tank with topshop neoprene midi skirt and leopard kate spade heels

And while the outfit was perfect for travel, I wanted a way to spice it up more while at home. So I had to add a pop of color. I chose to move the leopard print to the bag and swap out the shoes for red ones! Now that’s what I call a wow look. While being neutral and sophisticated, it is also unique and playful. I plan to wear this to Los Angeles Fashion Week.

accessories make the outfit with polka dot topshop midi skirt with club monaco open back tank, leopard clutch and kate spade red heels

Which one of the three looks is your favorite? Would you agree that accessories make the outfit or do you not see much of a difference in between the looks?

Try This: Lace Skirt and Sweatshirt

Hello friend!

Today I am showcasing this lace skirt outfit. It is a look that came to me while cleaning out my closet. While folding up my sweatshirts, one fell next to my new lace skirt. It reminded me of a look I had been meaning to attempt; something different than my usual style. I had to go for it.



Do you like to push yourself out of your comfort zone when it comes to your attire? Many years ago I use to dress the same way every day. I had cute items, but didn’t know how to pair them to get unique looks. Day in and day out, I would wear the same combinations. That kind of look gets old quickly. After I started to read blogs, I got the itch to become more adventurous.

One of the looks I have always admired is when a blogger or stylist pairs together a casual piece with a more formal item. We have all seen the like: leather with tulle (I want to try that too!) or camo and lace (like I did here). This time I paired a casual sweatshirt with a delicate and feminine lace skirt.


I combined the J. Crew Collection Austrian Lace skirt with a Target sweatshirt. Bonus: Beyonce wore a similar “Kale” shirt in her 711 video! My sweatshirt is old but you can get a similar (if not exact!) effect with this tee or this sweatshirt.


For jewelry, I turned to my favorite place: Baublebar. For the earrings, I wanted to continue the feminine vibe so I chose the uber girly Primrose Drops in light pink. The tulle is reminiscent of a tutu, so girly!


How have you pushed your fashion style? Do you have any challenges for me? Let me know in the comments!

Current Obsession: Skinny Scarves

Hi friend!

Recently I’ve been obsessing over skinny scarves. I’ve always loved scarves, especially patterned ones. For  a while, large bulky scarves were in. The tide is now turning towards skinny scarves. I love them all, so I am ready to try this new trend.

As I have described in my shopping tips and accountability post about not immediately buying every new trend, I first turned to my closet. I found a couple in my stash. They were lightweight summer scarves, so I quickly wore them while it was still warm.

red white striped tee pink argyle skinny scarf

Here I wore it for a casual day paired with a striped tee and jeans. I like how the colors in the scarf repeated in the t shirt and accessories. Without the scarf, it’s just a t shirt and jeans look. But add the scarf and now you’ve got more interest with the added color and pattern.

red white striped tee pink argyle skinny scarf rebecca minkoff jumbo love bag

Another way to wear a skinny scarf is simply paired with a dress. Here I added it to a solid navy dress. I wore the scarf loosely to echo the unstructured look of the dress. The scarf stood out against the solid background. I also added leopard print shoes for extra interest.

navy dress with purple j crew skinny scarf

A third option is with jeans and a blazer. For this look, I chose to pair the skinny scarf against a lace tee. That way, the only print item is the scarf, so it stands out. The lace adds extra texture and interest which is key given the lack of colors or patterns.

blazer and jeans with lace top and cherry print printed scarf

Then the Nordstrom anniversary sale came along and I saw this skinny scarf. I wanted a more substantial piece that I could wear come fall. The colorway was also perfect: warm and neutral. So I ordered it.

Halogen® Floral Print Silk Skinny Scarf neutral black combo

I wore this scarf for work, paired simply with a pencil skirt and sweater. I added some personality with a casual half tuck and voila, outfit made!

j crew lavender sweater and leopard skirt with Halogen® Floral Print Silk Skinny Scarf neutral black combo

Isn’t it amazing how a small strip of fabric really brings an outfit together? A scarf can transform staple pieces into a “look” by adding another pattern, thus adding another layer of interest.

j crew lavender sweater and leopard skirt with Halogen® Floral Print Silk Skinny Scarf neutral black combo

How do you feel about skinny scarves? Are you up to try them this fall?

Pattern Primer: Pattern Mixing 101

Hello friend!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of pattern mixing. I have been doing it for a few years to expand my wardrobe and create unique looks for myself. You can read more about it (and see my first ever pattern mixed outfit) in my style evolution post.

Now I did not invent pattern mixing, nor am I an expert at it. But I feel comfortable doing it and my results are good. So I will share my tips. However, this is not the be-all and end-all post about pattern mixing. There are many others on the web. But my tips are quick and easy; honed over the years through my own successes and failures.

  1. Choose a large scale print and a smaller scale print. This can be achieved with different prints or the same. For example, a small stripe paired with a large floral print. Or a small stripe paired with a large stripe. Both work and can be a gorgeous combination.pattern mixing: stripes on stripes, double stripes
  2. Pick prints with a similar color scheme. The color will unify the look even if the patterns are different.pattern mixing: striped skirt with colorful watermelon scarf
  3. Opt for bold well-defined patterns. I find that they look better together than soft and blurry prints.pattern mixing; striped dress with floral scarf
  4. Start small with accessories. It’s so easy to make your statement by adding a pop of pattern with a fun scarf, shoe or bag.pattern mixing: striped bag with gingham top
  5. Make it look intentional. This is my most important tip: In the words of my idol Tim Gunn: “Make it work.” Make sure you look polished and complete: hair styled, accessories on, makeup done, and head held high. This makes you look put together and brings the entire look together. That way no one will wonder if you were running late and just threw on the first two items you found.

I hope you try your hand at pattern mixing. It is truly a fun way to dress and remix your wardrobe. Stick around and check out more of this series as I delve into specific patterns and mixes.

Try This: Graphic tee + patterned skirt

Hello friend!

In this series, I’d like to show new ways of wearing our stand-by pieces. It’s pretty obvious I enjoy a pretty patterned skirt. However, I don’t always want to wear them the same old way. A trendy and unexpected way of wearing them is with a fun graphic tee. Give it a try, I did.

IMG_8613 (2)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban; choker: Baublebar; tee: F21 (old); skirt: H&M

In this first outfit, I wore my “Couture” forever 21 tee with another trend of the moment, the choker. The look is trendy and fun, but still 100% work appropriate.IMG_8602 (2)

Another look I’ve worn recently is my Paris tee with an anchor print skirt. Paired with floral pumps, I even have some pattern mixing added to the mix.

IMG_8100 (2)
Tee: Old Navy; skirt: Hannah Everly (Etsy shop); shoes: Kate Spade; purse: Target

Going back a few years, I have this look of a tongue-in-cheek Topshop tee paired with a bright floral pencil skirt.

graphic tee
Tee: Topshop; skirt: J Crew; shoes: Nordstrom; purse: Target

And last, a bold polka dot a-line skirt with a pretty pop of yellow.

graphic tee 2
Tee: Target; cardigan: Limited; skirt: WHBM; shoes: Nordstrom

Pairing your classic articles of clothing with fun and youthful graphic tees adds a lot of interest and individuality to your outfit. Are you willing to try it? Let me know how it goes!

Skirt Code: Why I prefer to wear skirts, Reason 1

Hello friend!

If you have known me (online or in person) for a while, you know that I prefer to wear mostly skirts. This is intentional. I love skirts! I often get questions about why I choose to wear skirts, especially to work. In this series I’d like to share every reason I have as to why I wear them.

hm palm skirt
Skirt: H&M; tank: J Crew; necklace: baublebar; shoes: J Crew factory; bag: Target

Today’s reason is my oldest one: they are more comfortable. I started mainly wearing skirts when I first returned to work from maternity leave. I found that my slacks just did not fit the same. The waistband dug in, the thigh area was snug, and the crotch was off. Instead of buying multiple new pairs of pants, I turned to my skirts.

ks stripe skirt
Cardigan: J Crew; tank: Uniqlo; skirt: Kate Spade; shoes: Sam Edelman; bag: Target

As time went on and I lost the baby weight, I could once again fit into my pants. But by that point, I did not want to wear slacks to work. I had gotten used to skirts. They allotted a lot more freedom and comfort. I was hooked!

gingham skirt
Top: Skirt society; skirt: Boden; belt: J Crew; Shoes: Sam Edelman

Stay tuned for the next installment of Skirt Code to learn more reasons why I wear mostly skirts.

Do you have a preference for skirts or pants? Share your thoughts in the comments. Or share this post with your friends.

My Style Evolution

Hi friend,

As you may have noticed, I have a pretty set style now. I know what I like. I know what works for me. I know how I want to look. Most importantly, I know what I have to do to get the look. But I can assure you, that was NOT always the case. Let me take you back to the original days of my look and let’s see how I evolved.

Disclaimer: The photos on this post are old and some are from an iphone. Please forgive their poor quality as these photos were taken before I had the blog. I chose to include them as they are authentic and will showcase my journey honestly.

We will start with my first year of working in my career field (before then, it was just years of standard student wear: jeans and sweatshirts, you’re not missing anything!) I remember my first few paychecks feeling so excited. I finally had money to spend on quality items. I had a fondness for Anthropologie, especially their beautiful skirts. I purchased many cute and unique pieces from them.

2839_179931360413_5188443_nAs the first few years went on, I noticed that even though I had many cute items, I always wore them the same way. I tended to buy my clothes as “outfits” and wore them only with that initial pairing. Case in point this outfit on the left. I adored this skirt, but for some reason, I could not find another way of wearing it. I found a shirt in the same shade as the detailing on the bottom and I wore the two items together as a set each time.

As I contemplated my closet items and fashion style, I was starting to read articles in magazines about mixing and matching items in your closet. I looked around mine and felt I could not do so. I realized that a lot of my pieces were fun and whimsical. They paired great with the specific item I had purchased it for, but would not go with others. My A-ha moment was when my cousin pointed out I didn’t have any staple pieces. My closet was full of fun one-off pieces.

After that realization I started investing in staples. Enter J Crew into my life! I became a big fan of their pencil skirts and cardigans (I have countless Jackies!) Then I was able to mix and match my cute whimsical items with timeless classics to alter the look I wanted.






Still a few years later, while I loved my wardrobe, I often felt I had nothing new or exciting to wear. The solution to this could NOT always be to buy new things. That’s just not practical or reasonable.

This was my first pattern mixing attempt. I was so self conscious about it all day at work.
This was my first pattern mixing attempt. I was so self conscious about it all day at work.

This was also the time that I started reading blogs, specifically those that involved my favorite stores like J Crew and Anthropologie. I was majorly influenced by Lisa of Respect the Shoes. She did amazing pattern mixing. I started to give it a try.

I realized with pattern mixing, I could drastically change up my look and have multiple new options to pair with my items. I no longer had to have a solid cardi of every color to pair with a skirt. I could now pair 2 printed items together!

That brings me to my current state: a girl who loves colors and patterns, especially when put all together! But our styles are always changing. I look forward to see where my style goes next.

How has your style changed over the years? Please share in the comments. And while you’re in the sharing mood, feel free to share this post on your fave social media sites!