Beauty Beat: Fresh Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand Review

Hello friend! A few weeks back I had attended a Fresh skin care demo at a friend’s house. While I had used some products from Fresh, I hadn’t seen the entire line. I tried multiple masks and serums and purchased a few. However, my favorite item was the Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand. It is honestly a dream come true for me!

Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand demo and review

What is the Fresh Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand?

The Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand is a lip conditioner and exfoliator in one! It is quite simply a genius product! Because the tip of the wand has a textured silicone surface, it gently exfoliates as you apply the product. The core of the wand contains the lip treatment which is the consistency of jelly. To get the product out, you simply click the bottom of the wand, like some concealer products. Then the lip treatment comes out on the tip.

Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand demo and review Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand demo and review

How to Use the Fresh Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand

I find the best way to apply the Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand is to first dot it across my lips. Then I start moving the wand back and forth (or in little circles) to start the exfoliation. Otherwise, the product doesn’t get on my entire lip surface and it results in tugging.

My Favorite Ways to Use the Fresh Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand

  1. Exfoliate and moisturize. This is essentially the purpose of this product. You can choose to wear the treatment alone all day, which will be perfect for a five minute face. Or you can go over it with a lipstick. I find that most lipsticks glide over the product very smoothly. However, if you like a very matte finish, you may want to blot after using the Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand and then apply the lipstick.Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand demo and review
  2. Freshen up old lipstick. If after a few hours your lipstick has worn off and is patchy, allow the Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand to come to the rescue. Using it as instructed above will redistribute the lip color as well as add some shine. I often do this at the end of my work day to revive my lip color and therefore freshen my appearance. Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand demo and review
  3. Transition between two lipsticks. If you are wearing a long wearing lipstick and want to switch to another shade, this can be tricky! But never fear, the Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand can help! First, simply blot your lips to remove as much of the lipstick as you can. Then, massage the product on your lips as directed above. Then blot a few times more. This should remove the first lipstick and thus allow you to wear the next one without altering the color!

Would you Like to Try the Fresh Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand?

If you are interested in trying the Fresh lip treatment perfecting wand, you are in luck! Because I think everyone should try this product, I purchased an extra one for a giveaway. Simply leave a comment below and tell me your favorite summer lip color or product! Good luck!!!

The Beauty Beat: Fall Lipstick Colors

Hello friend! As you likely know, I adore makeup. I can never decide whether I love fashion or beauty more. Therefore I will have a beauty segment every now and then so I can get my beauty fix. You probably don’t know this, but I have even taken a few professional makeup classes. So that’s all the more reason that I discuss it on the blog. I would like to share what I have learned with you.

I think it is important to swap out your makeup shades in the changing seasons. It keeps your look updated and makes sure you don’t get in a rut. So I’d like to share with you my favorite fall lipstick colors. They all happen to be MAC, not because that’s the best brand out there. But it is one that I have been obsessed with since my teen years. So I know their line the best and am comfortable recommending them. I am rarely disappointed with a MAC lipstick.

MAC fall lipstick colors

Plum Shades

I always like to have a light plummy-mauve lipstick as my everyday lipstick in the fall. It tends to go with just about any makeup look and outfit. In fact, I keep one of these in my locker at work. Therefore if I have forgotten my lipstick, this one will step in for the day.

The one I have turned to year after year is MAC Syrup. Syrup is in the lustre formula, which is one of my preferred formulas for work. While it is an opaque color, it also has a shine and a light consistency. It feels very comfortable on the lips. However, I do have to reapply it throughout the day, especially after meals.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC syrup lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Syrup

Another plum shade I like is MAC Plumful. Plumful is similar to Syrup, but as its name suggests, it has more of the plum shades to it. It is a beautiful color to wear for photos as it looks lustrous and natural in photographs. Similarly to Syrup, it also works well with many other makeup looks. Also like Syrup, Plumful is a lustre formula, making it a comfortable lipstick to wear.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Plumful lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Plumful

Red Shades

In the fall, I move away from the pink reds and more towards the brown reds. The first of these colors I choose is MAC Brick-O-La. Brick-O-La is an amplified finish, meaning is is more opaque than the lustre but it still has some sheen. It has a very creamy look on the lips. As far as colors go, Brick-O-La reminds me of a cross between terra cotta and hot chocolate. It is a perfect muted red tone to wear on a daily basis.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Brick-O-La lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Brick-O-La

Now when I want to wear a more attention demanding fall red, I turn to MAC Dubonnet. It is also an amplified finish, thus producing a creamy finish with a slight sheen. However, unlike Brick-O-La, Dubonnet is darker and more red. I like to describe it as a black cherry color. If I wear this to work, I simply blot it once or twice to make it more office appropriate.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Dubonnet lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Dubonnet

Berry Shades

For the perfect berry shade, especially for evenings out, I always rely on MAC Rebel. Rebel has always been one of my favorite fall lipstick colors. The only downside to Rebel is that it’s a satin formula, which is a formulation I don’t usually enjoy. However, because the color is so beautiful, I happily wear this satin formula. Rebel is the perfect shade of berry, with a nice amount of blue in it. It is very striking color that will suite many skin tones.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Rebel lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Rebel

Burgundy Shades

When it comes to burgundy shades, I have two favorites. The first is MAC Viva Glam III. It is a matte formula, so there is very little shine. However, it goes on very smoothly and easily. This lipstick is a brown-burgundy, so it’s fairly easy to wear (not too vampy). An added bonus is that the every cent spent on a Viva Glam lipstick goes to the MAC AIDS fund.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Viva Glam III lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Viva Glam III

Now when I am ready to go bold and vampy, I take a walk on the dark side, literally! I use MAC Dark Side lipstick. Dark Side is an amplified finish, which I love. It applies easily and wears well. The color is a definitely a more purple toned burgundy.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Dark Side lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Dark Side

I hope you enjoyed my favorite Fall lipstick colors. Please let me know how else I can help you with makeup. I’d love to pass on whatever I’ve learned to you friends!

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