2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Hello friend! Continuing on my seasonal posts (see holiday dress guide and Cyber Monday shopping guide), I am discussing holiday gifts. This can surely be a stressful time for us busy folk. Fret not my friend, I am here to help you navigate these choppy waters. Avoid the stress of the mall and check off your list from the comfort of your home. With my 2017 Holiday gift guide, you can get your shopping done with minimum stress!

The ultimate gift guide for the stylish women in your life | 2017 holiday gift guide | Christmas gift ideas

2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes we need little gifts we use as stocking stuffers or to hand out with a card at work. I always get a few extra of these in case I am surprised with a gift from someone. Instead of feeling like a complete jerk for not getting them a gift, I simply grab for one of these universal gifts and I am set!

First I get some hand cream. I especially like to purchase the L’occitane mini hand cream, like the one in this tri-pack. That’s because I can give the entire box as a gift, or open them up and give individually alongside a card. I often do that at work. Even the men at my work use this hand cream!

The ultimate gift guide for the stylish women in your life | 2017 holiday gift guide | Christmas gift ideas

I use the same concept for lip treatments and balms. The Sara Happ lip slip is an exceptional stuffing stuffer or gift for female friends. Also every year I look for the Fresh sugar lip balm sets. They come with multiple shades per box. Again, I can gift the entire box or give out individual pieces as a mini gift.

Once again I use the above concept, this time for mini candles. There are many collections of mini candles that you can buy. I like the Voluspa ones because they have a variety of scents, many of which are liked by men and women alike. Therefore they can be unisex gifts as well.


2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Hostess Gift

Because we often have multiple parties to attend during the holiday season, you need to be armed with some cute hostess gifts. I love to shop at Anthropologie for unique hostess gifts. I recently spotted the marbled monogram cheese board which will make for a lovely and personalized gift. Any hostess would be thrilled with such a gift, especially if paired with the cheese marker set or the mouse card holder.

The ultimate gift guide for the stylish women in your life | 2017 holiday gift guide | Christmas gift ideas

Another option is to go with the cocktails theme. A pretty cocktail shaker plus a bottle of booze is always welcome. Alternatively you can also give a cocktail recipe book or this beautiful bar cart coffee table book. Along these lines, for the hostess with a passion for champagne, try these champagne gummies. They are beyond delicious and super cute to boot!


2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Girlfriend Gift

Whether you’re doing a traditional gift exchange or a white elephant one, you’ll likely be picking up a few gifts for some of your gal pals or female relatives. Here are some cute options I have been contemplating.

First, I focus on accessories. Cold weather gear like these cute gloves or scarves are always usable. I especially like the Kate Spade scarves such as this nesting doll print or this leopard print one.

For another approach, you can opt for fun seasonal clothing. For example a graphic sweatshirt is perfect this time of year. Two of my favorites are the reindeer squad and the gift wrap sweatshirt.

Lastly, don’t overlook a beauty treat. This slip set of silk pillowcase and eye mask may be just what the doctor ordered after all of the holiday parties. I’m sure many a girlfriend would love to have this to come home to.


Whoever you’re shopping for, I hope my 2017 holiday gift guide helps you pick out some great gifts. But most importantly, I hope it cuts down on the stress that always seems to peak this time of year. Take it easy friend!

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello friend! As you are surely aware, the holidays are right around the corner. The nearing of the holidays, brings with it our need and stress to get our holiday shopping done. Well don’t fret, my holiday gift guide is here to help you get the best gifts for your friends and family.

The Foodie

For the foodies in your life, or simply for a hostess gift, don’t overlook the beautiful houseware items at Anthropologie. An elegant cheeseboard and cheese knives would delight any hostess. For the baker in your group, opt for a pretty cake platter to display their concoctions. As for the wine lover, pick out a pretty corkscrew set or attractive wine rack.

The Fashionista

For the fashionistas in my life, I tend to gift accessories rather than clothing items. This saves me and the recipient from any embarrassing “guess her size” games. My first go-to option is jewelry. For that I usually turn to Baublebar. They have fashionable items at a variety of price points.

For the trendier fashionista friends, I’d opt for “now” pieces such as tassel earrings or a choker. For the ladies with more classic style, choose a simple bar necklace that can be layered for added fun. A twisted strand of pearls is also a perfect option for the preppy fashionista. Lastly, a classic monogram necklace is always a winner.

Besides jewelry, I also like to gift small necessities that one doesn’t buy for oneself. This year, that is going to be the portable phone charger. I have found a few that I absolutely adore. One is this tassel charger from Rebecca Minkoff. It is genius, an accessory and an invaluable tool all in one! The others are a few from Kate Spade, including this striped charger, and this sparkly counterpart.

The Stranger

Now we all at some point have to buy a gift for a virtual stranger, a new girlfriend of a family member, new boss, or a distant relative you are visiting. These gifts are often the most challenging. I recommend to stick to something basic for the home or office. I often will choose pretty stationary or a planner. Pretty desktop organizers are also good choices. When all else fails, I always turn to candles. My favorite is the Capri candle in blue volcano. The scent is unique and exotic, yet clean and comforting.

I hope my holiday gift guide has given you some ideas as what to purchase. Please share this post using the links below so that others who may need it can also see! Good luck out there!