Hello friend! I often get comments regarding my skirt collection. I’m not going to lie, it’s good! But that’s because I have been curating my collection for many years. I adore wearing skirts and I tend to do so on a daily basis. That’s why I started this series; you can read more about it in the first skirt code post. The second reason that I wear skirts is that they have a bigger “wow factor” than pants.

Unique Skirt Details

There is no way to truly explain it, but I think we all know what I mean. There is not much you can do to a pant that makes it all that unique. Skirts, on the other hand, can be designed in many different ways. From adding pleats to scalloped edging, skirts will definitely stand out more than pants.

polished whimsy wants you to wear skirts

polished whimsy wants you to wear skirtspolished whimsy wants you to wear skirts

Wow Them with Tulle

One of my most favorite skirts is a tulle skirt. Romantic, frilly, undeniably feminine, tell me which pant can come close to the whimsical perfection of a tulle skirt. Furthermore, a tulle skirt can be paired with anything, from a tweed jacket to a simple tee shirt, and still look phenomenal. Pair the same items with a pant, and the result is just not the same.

polished whimsy wants you to wear skirtspolished whimsy on why women should wear skirts more often

If you don’t wear skirts as often as I do, I encourage you to start! They truly add such pizzazz to an outfit. I can guarantee as soon as you start wearing them, you will get a ton of compliments AND feel fabulous. So why wait, start today! If you’re not yet convinced, stay tuned to the next installment of this series. I predict in time, I will have a skirt wearing army to back me up!

I have listed some comparable skirts from the post and ones that I am currently lusting over below. Happy shopping!

12 comments on “Skirt Code: Why I Prefer to Wear Skirts, Reason 2”

    • Thank you Tamara! I think once you’re further along with the pregnancy and after, you’ll see how comfortable skirts will be. In my first skirt code post, I shared how I started wearing skirts after my baby!

  1. I used to wear skirts all the time and have gotten away from them a bit lately. You’ve definitely inspired me to dust some of mine off! I have a black tulle skirt I might just try out again. 🙂

  2. Definitely love your skirt collection and what you do with them! I find myself wearing skirts a lot more in the warmer months… here in Chicago I find myself miserable in the snow and freezing days am not inspired to find a good skirt outfit. Any advice on how to get past my winter skirt blues??? Thanks sweets! ?

    • Hey Laura! I would totally pair them with thick wool tights, warm tall boots and a long warm coat. I’ve seen a lot of cute outfits like that. I hope you will try it! If it’s too cold, I understand, we always have spring! 🙂

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