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If you have known me (online or in person) for a while, you know that I prefer to wear mostly skirts. This is intentional. I love skirts! I often get questions about why I choose to wear skirts, especially to work. In this series I’d like to share every reason I have as to why I wear them.

hm palm skirt
Skirt: H&M; tank: J Crew; necklace: baublebar; shoes: J Crew factory; bag: Target

Today’s reason is my oldest one: they are more comfortable. I started mainly wearing skirts when I first returned to work from maternity leave. I found that my slacks just did not fit the same. The waistband dug in, the thigh area was snug, and the crotch was off. Instead of buying multiple new pairs of pants, I turned to my skirts.

ks stripe skirt
Cardigan: J Crew; tank: Uniqlo; skirt: Kate Spade; shoes: Sam Edelman; bag: Target

As time went on and I lost the baby weight, I could once again fit into my pants. But by that point, I did not want to wear slacks to work. I had gotten used to skirts. They allotted a lot more freedom and comfort. I was hooked!

gingham skirt
Top: Skirt society; skirt: Boden; belt: J Crew; Shoes: Sam Edelman

Stay tuned for the next installment of Skirt Code to learn more reasons why I wear mostly skirts.

Do you have a preference for skirts or pants? Share your thoughts in the comments. Or share this post with your friends.

8 comments on “Skirt Code: Why I prefer to wear skirts, Reason 1”

  1. I completely agree! Skirts and dresses are way more comfortable than pants! I wear skirts and dresses almost exclusively in the summer and people always ask me why I’m so dressed up! ?

    • Oh yes, skirts are a must in the spring and summer. And don’t you hate it when people tell you you’re too “dressed up” just for wearing a skirt? Haters! 😛 🙂

  2. I love skirts and dresses! At work they jokingly tease me saying I got the Mary poppins look. (A line and Circle skirts) but when I wear pants, they ask why Indid not “dress up ” to work today. Jaja I guess its not only me that got used to skirts. They got used to seeing me in them too.

    I love your instagram posts. A great source of style inspo! Especially pairing outfits with curly hair!
    Sometimes I feel I treat it as an accessory. Do you? 🙂
    Keep posting! You are great.

    • Hi Nicole! I ADORE the Mary Poppins look too, lol! It is funny how we set up an expectation for ourselves at work. When I work at nights or the weekends, I sometimes wear scrubs or leggings and people actually don’t recognize me, LOL!

      Thank you so much for following my fashion fun on insta and here! It’s a lot of work, but I do it out of the love of fun outfits. So I truly appreciate you “getting” me! And yes, curly hair is certainly it’s own accessory. I want to follow you back on insta, please DM me so I can find you! Thanks again for your support! 🙂

  3. Hi Elsie!
    I love your blog! Wearing pretty clothes is my favorite way to express my personal style. If I could I would wear skirts and dresses everyday. I love the way they sway when I walk, swirl when I turn and drape when I sit. I like be the variety of lengths shapes and textures you can try with skirts. I own over 60 skirts and I love mixing and matching them with pretty blouses and sweaters as well as trying them with colored tights and pantyhose. Nothing makes me feel prettier and more feminine than wearing a cute skirt.

    • Hello Andy! Thanks so much for reading my post and to taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment! It seems we are quite similar in our clothing taste! I love connecting over similar styles. I 100% agree with you about mixing and matching skirts and blouses! I always feel prettier and more put together when I am wearing a skirt!

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