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It’s no secret that I am a fan of pattern mixing. I have been doing it for a few years to expand my wardrobe and create unique looks for myself. You can read more about it (and see my first ever pattern mixed outfit) in my style evolution post.

Now I did not invent pattern mixing, nor am I an expert at it. But I feel comfortable doing it and my results are good. So I will share my tips. However, this is not the be-all and end-all post about pattern mixing. There are many others on the web. But my tips are quick and easy; honed over the years through my own successes and failures.

  1. Choose a large scale print and a smaller scale print. This can be achieved with different prints or the same. For example, a small stripe paired with a large floral print. Or a small stripe paired with a large stripe. Both work and can be a gorgeous combination.pattern mixing: stripes on stripes, double stripes
  2. Pick prints with a similar color scheme. The color will unify the look even if the patterns are different.pattern mixing: striped skirt with colorful watermelon scarf
  3. Opt for bold well-defined patterns. I find that they look better together than soft and blurry prints.pattern mixing; striped dress with floral scarf
  4. Start small with accessories. It’s so easy to make your statement by adding a pop of pattern with a fun scarf, shoe or bag.pattern mixing: striped bag with gingham top
  5. Make it look intentional. This is my most important tip: In the words of my idol Tim Gunn: “Make it work.” Make sure you look polished and complete: hair styled, accessories on, makeup done, and head held high. This makes you look put together and brings the entire look together. That way no one will wonder if you were running late and just threw on the first two items you found.

I hope you try your hand at pattern mixing. It is truly a fun way to dress and remix your wardrobe. Stick around and check out more of this series as I delve into specific patterns and mixes.

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