My NYFW experience: meeting and seeing friends and other bloggersHello friend! With New York Fashion Week (NYFW) here again, I thought I would write about my experience attending it last September. I meant to do a recap right after the week, but as soon as I got back home, I was inundated with life and work. You see that was the week I had also moved (I know, I was crazy to take a trip during my move)! Let me tell you all about my NYFW experience.

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My NYFW Experience: The Meaning

Going to a runway fashion show has long been a dream of mine. I adore fashion and have always longed to be a part of that world. That is why I started blogging! So when I realized bloggers get to attend some of the fashion shows, I was ecstatic. I knew I wanted to be one of those lucky bloggers. While I had attended Los Angeles Fashion Week (you can read about my experience here), NYFW is a whole other animal!

Unfortunately for me, NYFW fell on the same week of my move. Between the move and my divorce, I was super stressed. In hindsight, I should have probably stayed at home. But the draw of attending the shows was too alluring. Plus I didn’t know where my life would be the next year. Perhaps being a single mom would be too consuming and I’d have to give up blogging. Therefore this could be my only chance to attend NYFW. I couldn’t pass it up.

And so, I got myself a hotel room, some plane tickets and set out to get invitations to the shows. I was going to fashion week!

My NYFW Experience: The Shows

In the end I got invited to a handful of shows. I chose to go to three. Going to a show was a process in itself. First, you have to get dressed and look fabulous (duh!). Then you have to battle New York city traffic to get to the venue. Then, you have to wait in line and vie with a hundred or more other girls to get in and get a seat. Sigh, it was so tiring! All that work for a 15-20 minute show! But, the shows were incredible. Watching a fashion show truly transports me to another place. I love the beauty and spectacle of it!

Please excuse the photo quality as they were mostly taken with my iPhone!
New York Fashion Week | NYFW | fashion | runway show | catwalk | Leanne Marshall
I loved this color combination at Leanne Marshall. I’ll be trying it in the Spring!
New York Fashion Week | NYFW | fashion | runway show | catwalk | Leanne Marshall
Leanne Marshall
New York Fashion Week | NYFW | fashion | runway show | catwalk | Leanne Marshall
Leanne Marshall

My NYFW Experience: The Events

Besides the shows, during fashion week. many brands also set up little events for bloggers and other industry people to attend. I, fortunately, had invitations to the the Baublebar and Vionic Shoes showrooms. I went to both as they are brands I love and would like to continue working with. The Vionic Shoes showroom had all their shoes (naturally!) and a spot to get a reflexology foot massage! After walking all over the city, this was just what I needed!

The Baublebar showroom hosted a bunch of bloggers and we had sparkling wine and donuts and ooh’ed and aww’ed over the pretty baubles. That’s when I had the chance to pick up their best seller, the Amber layered y-chain necklace.

My NYFW experience: Baublebar showroom

My NYFW Experience: The Parties

Because my main goal was to see fashion shows, I didn’t look into the many events that were also going on. Truthfully, I was so tired (physically and emotionally) that I really didn’t want to go to anything else. I did however, attend the Calvin Klein after party. It was an uber cool event that was held in a multi-room warehouse-like building which was lit up with red lights. There was free flowing booze and loud thumping music. It was amazing to watch the models and celebrities arrive and take photos for the paparazzi.

My NYFW experience: The Calvin Klein party

My NYFW Experience: The People

The best part of NYFW was definitely seeing blogger/Instagram friends and getting to know them better. Next time around, I will plan ahead and schedule more lunches/dinners with them!

My NYFW experience: meeting and seeing friends and other bloggers
Dawn of Fashion Should be Fun
My NYFW experience: meeting and seeing friends and other bloggers
Jessica of Petite Style Script and April of The Blue Hydrangeas
My NYFW experience: meeting and seeing friends and other bloggers
Sacha (formerly on Instagram)

My NYFW Experience: Lessons Learned

For many months I regretted going  to NYFW (especially when the bills started rolling in!). But now I think it was worth it to go. That’s because I am the type of person who likes to get a feeling for something the first time around. So I think of my NYFW experience as a reconnaissance mission! I went and learned how it all goes down. So next time I will be ready and prepared to get the full experience!

The next time I attend NYFW, I will do so at a less stressful time in my life as I think the stress decreased the amount of fun I had. I will also take more photos, especially with my actual camera instead of my phone. Furthermore, I will plan ahead and meet up with as many bloggers as I can.

Have you gone to fashion week and have tips to share? Please let me know your thoughts and experiences!

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4 comments on “My NYFW Experience”

  1. Oh my word what an experience?! That is a dream of mine after watching Project Runway for so many years!!!! I’m assuming you have to have a ton of followers though. I feel the same about doing it once to know what I want to do the next time. Hope ur year is going more smoothly.

    • Laurie it has always been a dream of mine too. I kept hoping to find a connection of something so I could one day attend. I’m proud that I got to go last year. Although I didn’t see as many shows as I would have liked, it was a great experience. You don’t have to have a ton of followers, I don’t! But I’m sure there is a minimum of some sorts (that is not public of course!). I hope you get to go too. You will love it!

    • It was a good first start. I hope to one day have the experience you had this year. I loved seeing all of the exquisite shows and events you attended. How amazing to have your hard work pay off!

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