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As you know from reading my style evolution and other fashion philosophy posts, I rarely wear an outfit the same exact way. I like to tweak it a bit each time to keep things interesting for me (and you!).

One great example is this post from Brooklyn Blonde featuring this gorgeous outfit of leopard print with red stripes.

Brooklyn Blonde pattern mixing red stripes leopard print clutch red pumps outfit

I love this outfit. It has many of the attributes I enjoy: color and print. The pattern mixing is an added bonus of course. So I set out to try to emulate the look. Knowing I cannot wear ripped denim to work, I attempted some more work appropriate looks.

For the first look, I swapped out the camel coat for a camel skirt. I loved the results. It’s not the same exact look, but it works for me and my lifestyle.

pattern mixing red stripes leopard print cardigan red pumps outfit

Next I tried it with a soft trench and pumps in a cooler nude than the camel she wore. I also changed the leopard piece to the skirt. This also works well for the office and has the same overall feel of her outfit.

pattern mixing red stripes leopard print skirt and soft trench coat outfit

For another mix, I went back to the camel skirt, but this time brought in the denim element in the form of a jacket. I moved the leopard to the shoes. This is still work appropriate for me, hurray!

pattern mixing red stripes leopard pumps with denim jacket outfit

I also wanted some casual options. The first way I wore it is an almost exact replica of Helena’s look.

pattern mixing red stripes leopard print clutch red pumps and distressed denim outfit
To play it up a bit, I also tried it with a fur leopard print vest. I opted for a trendy pair of sunglasses here to further “funk” up the look.

pattern mixing red stripes leopard print fur vest with distressed denim and red pumps outfitSeeing how many looks I could come up with from one inspiration was astounding. Truthfully I can probably mix these items up some more and get a few more outfits. So when you see a look on someone that has key elements that you love and already own, take note! You can use that inspiration to make multiple similar looks as I have done.

Now don’t feel like you have to go out and buy multiple items in leopard or red stripes. This post is simply to encourage you to be creative. You can create similar looks with what you already own. The key is to know what you like and to be brave enough to mix it up.

Would you wear leopard print with red stripes? How would you wear it? Please share below!

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