Hello friend! As we near the end of fall, I would like one last homage to my favorite color of the season: burgundy.  I adored pairing burgundy and blush as well as burgundy and pink. And let’s not forget baby blue and burgundy. Needless to say, I think burgundy pairs well with many other colors. So today, let me introduce you to one last pairing: mustard and burgundy.

Mustard and Burgundy for Work

For a simple work outfit, pair a mustard plaid (or other print) with a burgundy skirt. The vibrant colors complement each other perfectly. Because I adore pattern mixing, I chose to add leopard print pumps. However, if that is too much for you, simply pair it with a cognac shoe instead.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

For my accessories, I decided to wear an eye-catching necklace with the Araksi from Baublebar. I also doubled up on the burgundy by wearing a burgundy leather strap watch.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy outfit and baublebar araksi necklace

A second work outfit is with this multi color striped top. Because the shirt has both mustard and burgundy in it, I decided to make that the focus of my color palette.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

Once again I brought in some leopard print because I enjoy mixing prints, but of course that is completely optional. In this outfit, I am also wearing some of the same pieces of jewelry as the last outfit. However, I’ve changed it up a bit in the styling. I am wearing the necklace backwards so that it is a simple circular  strand of crystal goodness right at the neckline. Don’t you just love versatile pieces like this?

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy and baublebar araksi necklace

Casual Mustard and Burgundy

For a casual look, simply pair a burgundy top with a mustard colorway scarf. Here I am wearing a mustard plaid blanket scarf. I paired it all with neutral grey jeans and black over the knee boots.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

Dressy Mustard and Burgundy

To achieve a more dressy look, I chose one of my all time favorite Anthropologie skirts. It is long since sold out, so I’m sorry for making you fall in love with it. But she really is a beauty! Ironically, the skirt has a burgundy underlay and a mustard waist line. It’s as if it was meant for this post! For this look, I paired the skirt with a burgundy cardigan and my favorite mustard heels.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

For my accessories, I added my Baublebar twisted pearl necklace and a statement belt.

Mustard and Burgundy Accessories

The color fun doesn’t have to stop with your clothes. You can also bring in the mustard and burgundy into your accessories. It’s not only a fun way to break up your routine of neutral accessories, but also a creative way of bringing in color into your outfit.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

As the fall season comes to an end, make it a point to celebrate the season of color by pairing your mustard and burgundy pieces together.

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