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Travel Style: Weekend Road Trip Outfits

Hello friend! I recently attended a blogger event at a local casino called Pala Casino Spa & Resort. Because it’s local, I was able to drive there. Although it was a short trip, I had a great time at the resort and meeting other bloggers. Therefore I thought I’d write a post both recapping the event and sharing my weekend road trip outfits. Refer to my other Travel Style series for my general packing and travel tips.

Weekend Road Trip Outfits: On the Drive

Since Pala Casino Spa & Resort is about a two hour drive from my home, I decided to wear something comfortable yet cute. I didn’t know if I’d have time to change later, so I opted to be safe and travel in something stylish. Therefore I wore my white jeans and this fun camo top from Gray Monroe (look for the Dakota top under shirts and blouses).

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

It was a good choice as the drive wasn’t too long, so the jeans were comfortable. The top is exceptionally comfortable and stylish to boot!

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

Weekend Road Trip Outfits: Touring the Casino and Resort

Luckily once we got to the resort, we did have some time to change. Therefore I changed into a stylish cold shoulder top from Stylewe. With so many other bloggers around, I wanted to look the part!

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

We had some drinks (meticulously crafted and presented) along with yummy snacks.

shrimp appetizer during weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego
Shrimp and mango salad

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

Then we were off to play! We had a slot tournament. Now I’ve never participated in one before so I sucked on my first round. But, I’m a quick learner friend and I got the high score on my second round, thank you very much!

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

Weekend Road Trip Outfits: Lunch x 2

Can I just tell you how thoroughly surprised and pleased I was with the food at Pala Casino Spa & Resort? Some of you don’t know this about me, but I am a foodie! I would have never imagined the exquisite food and wine available at their restaurants. Now I am not a food blogger, but I did take some photos of the meals. Please indulge my attempts at food photography.

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego
The Oak Room

Our first meal was a delicious multi course one at The Oak Room Steakhouse, the resort’s fine dining establishment. It is a classy and elegant restaurant, rivaling any one I’ve seen in other cities. The decor was exquisite. But the food was divine. We had the pleasure of speaking with the head chef and the sommelier, both of whom were very knowledgeable about the food and drinks.

Shrimp cocktail at The Oak Room

I loved how the food was paired with the appropriate wine, but especially that the pairing was explained to us. That’s because I love to learn about food and wine pairings! I was so impressed with the sommelier’s knowledge about California wine regions.

Steak Carpaccio at The Oak Room

Next we went to sample the food at Cave wine bar. Besides being a foodie, I jokingly also call myself a wino! Therefore you can imagine I felt right at home there! They had the most amazing tapas. From lobster flatbread (I had 3 servings!) to lamb chops and Ahi tuna bites, I happily stuffed my face. The staff there was also very knowledgeable about wine, so I enjoyed a few glasses there as well, naturally!

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

Weekend Road Trip Outfits: Spa Demo

After the ton of wine I drank, it was time for a much needed nap. I returned to my room, which was spacious and beautifully decorated, to lie down. After my rest time, we got to sample some of the fantastic products available at the spa.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Babor brand. The packaging of the product in ampules caught my interest right away. Perhaps because it was created by a pharmacist?! The serums were fantastic. They sunk into the skin quickly and provided fantastic hydration as well as specific skin care needs. My favorite was the hyaluronic acid one.

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

The other line of products I sampled was from Coola. They are known for their sunscreens. I tried a few along with their BB cream. I loved both. But I was most interested in their setting spray sunscreen. This can be applied over makeup! As you know if you follow my Instagram stories, I usually walk on my lunch breaks. This will be the perfect sunscreen to touch up my sun protection!

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

Weekend Road Trip Outfits: UB40 Concert

Finally after a day full of food and fun, we got to enjoy an outdoor concert at Pala Casino Spa & Resort. There were three bands, with UB40 as the headliner. It was a fantastic time! I was surprised that it wasn’t hot outside. It’s not like Palm Springs or Las Vegas where it is still scorching hot at night. In Pala, the evenings were in the 70s and 80s. Therefore it was very comfortable to enjoy an outdoor concert.

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

Of course I had to wear a fabulous outfit. I thought it was a perfect time to debut my new chambray jumpsuit.

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

We had a great time at the concert. The best part about seeing a concert at Pala Casino Spa & Resort is that it’s a fluid event. That means, you are not stuck in your seats all night. The concert went on for hours, but we could move around as we pleased. Therefore if you wanted a break, you could go and gamble or relax a bit in your room. This was a fantastic way to see a concert, I highly recommend it.

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

Weekend Road Trip Outfits: Breakfast & Goodbye

After a restorative night’s sleep, we had a networking breakfast. I had a great time talking to the other bloggers, sharing our tips and woes. For the event as well as the following drive home, I wore a simple cotton t-shirt dress. I love the comfort and simplicity of this dress. Yet, it still looks stylish, especially when paired with the right accessories. I’m thinking of picking up the green color too!

Weekend road trip outfits at Pala Casino in San Diego

I’m so happy that I was invited to this influencer event. It was my first time at such an event. I’m glad I got to get out of my comfort zone and meet people. I also like the items I chose for my weekend road trip outfits. Most importantly I got to see how many awesome amenities the Pala Casino Spa & Resort has to offer. I am definitely going to be following their concert series (I’m eyeing the Toto and Olivia Newton John dates).

What do you like to take on a quick getaway? Is there anything I missed in my weekend road trip outfits?

City Weekend Getaway Outfits

Hello friend! While planning for my San Francisco getaway, I was very strict with myself about what I took. Knowing I wasn’t going to check in any bags, I had to make sure everything fit easily into my carry-on bag. So I carefully narrowed down my items and mastered packing only the essential city weekend getaway outfits.

As in my previous travel posts, I will follow my must-haves list.

1. Scarf or Cover-Up

Since I was traveling light, I chose one scarf that would work for the entire weekend. To ensure it would work with multiple outfits, I chose a neutral color scheme. For travel day one, I wore it with a long sleeve tee, jeans and a jacket.

Polished whimsy travels to san francisco, guide to city weekend getaway outfits

For travel day three, I wore it with a cold shoulder sweater and jeans.

Polished whimsy travels to san francisco, guide to city weekend getaway outfits

2. Lounging Outfit

This trip was such a short one, that my pajamas doubled as a lounging outfit. To be honest, there was hardly any time to lounge at all!

3. Location Appropriate Neutral Shoes

I was super proud of myself for taking just ONE pair of shoes on this trip. I chose my black booties because they worked with pants and dresses alike. Plus they were appropriate to wear shopping, wine-tasting and dining.

polished whimsy travels to wine country and displays her city weekend getaway outfits

polished whimsy's tips for city weekend getaway outfits

4. Evening Bag

Lastly, for my evening bag for the weekend, I simply used my Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody. It was actually my only bag for the weekend. It is the perfect size for both sightseeing by day and dinners by night.

Polished whimsy's city weekend getaway outfits for wine tasting in Napa valley

All in all, it was much easier than anticipated to plan the city weekend getaway outfits for San Francisco. I was able to travel to and from with only carry-on luggage. I hope to continue to be this discerning in my future packing.

Do you have any tips for traveling light? Please let me know in the comments. And as always, any of the items pictured in the post are listed below for purchase (if you so desire)!

Travel Style: Weekend in NYC

Hello friend,

Like many of you, I like to travel. Recently, I went to New York City for a quick weekend getaway. As a working mom, a weekend away was not only fun, it was a necessity. I had over 48 hours to myself, with only adult conversation around. I also had the luxury of getting ready at leisure, and dressing up for fun. Most importantly, as any fashionista knows, New York is a city alive with fashion and personal style. So you can see why having cute outfits available was key. New York style is no joke. One must keep up!

If you read my other travel posts, you know that I have a list of must takes for each trip. Well, here is the list for a weekend city getaway:

  1. Scarf or cover-up (for plane and trip): Since it was still pretty warm, I got away with taking a large lightweight scarf from Express. The colors were in neutral tones, making it easy to pair with many of my outfits.New York city style with scarf and moto bag
  2. Lounging outfit: Because my trip was short, I didn’t want to pack a separate lounge outfit. But I did manage to make my return travel outfit (moto leggings and a tee shirt) do double duty as a lounge outfit.
  3. Location appropriate neutral shoes: For this trip, I chose only two pairs of shoes. I traveled to New York with a pair of low heeled booties. Another one of my travel tips is to wear your largest shoe on the plane, thus saving valuable suitcase space. This is especially helpful if you are carrying on your bag.New York Style with denim on denim and a flannel My evening shoe was a pair of leopard print pumps. They are a perfect add on to any outfit, matching seamlessly and adding a lot of interest with the pattern.New York city style with distressed denim and blazer
  4. Evening bag: Once again, because my trip was so short, I made sure that my items were used in multiple situations/outfits. I traveled with a large bag, my trusty moto tote that held my kindle, tablet, and all the essentials for the plane. But I also took along my smaller crossbody bag, for day excursions and evenings out.New york style evening out look with polka dots and leopard printNew York style in boyfriend jeans and blazer

My New Work trip was everything I wanted it to be. Overall, I enjoyed my quick weekend away and felt like I achieved that perfect New York style. What do you think of the outfits I chose?

As always, you can shop my items here:

Travel Style: Packing for Warm Weather Vacation

Hello friend,

Like most people, I enjoy traveling. While I like to decompress, I also still like to look presentable. In this series I will be sharing with you what I take on various trips as well as any tips I have for smooth and stylish travel packing.

From past experience, I have put together a list of must-haves for me to take on trips. I adjust each must-have for the type of travel. Whether it’s a warm weather vacation, a city weekend getaway or an international trip, my list will get you there in style.

Must Have Items for Travel

  1. Scarf or cover-up (for plane and trip)
  2. Lounging outfit (something to grab a quick bite or to relax in comfortably)
  3. Location appropriate neutral shoes
  4. Evening bag

My most recent trip was to Hawaii. Since this trip was mostly about R&R, outfit planning was fairly low-key. I chose swimsuits, shorts, tanks as well as a romper. Looking at my list of must-haves, these are what I included:

  1. Scarf or cover-up for plane and trip:target beach bag with Lilly for Target scarf at American Airlines counter at LAXSince I was in a tropical setting and unlikely to get too cold, I chose a fun and tropical scarf. I always take this item on the plane or other mode of transportation. This provides a light extra cover in the event that the AC is too strong, as well as options to add to an outfit for added color and fun.
  2. Lounging outfit: travel outfit for warm weather vacation anthropologie skirt, lace up sandals, leigh luca scarfFor Hawaii I chose a black pull-on skirt and a shirt. This skirt is very comfortable with a stretchy waist-band. In fact it is so comfortable that I have affectionately dubbed it my “travel skirt.” It accompanies me on most of my trips! The boho style allows it to hide any wrinkling from travel and wear. It’s a simple piece to throw on for a quick errand out of the hotel room.
  3. Location appropriate neutral shoesVince Camuto laceup sandals  The pair I chose were these fun lace-up sandals. The stacked heel is comfortable while still stylish. The color is a perfect neutral taupe to go with most anything.
  4. Evening bagpurses for warm weather vacation: Target perforated beach bag, Kate Spade crossbody bag I often forget to take an evening bag on my trips, so I included it in my must-haves. For Hawaii, I was lucky to be able to use one bag for day and night. This white cross-body was the perfect size to hold all I needed. For daytime activities, I used the big beach bag for any large items. I left just my phone, wallet and lipstick in my purse (which I could also conveniently place in my beach bag).

Post-trip Analysis

After I return from a trip, I like to journal in my travel journal. I document what items I wish I had taken (to add to my “must have” list) as well what I took that I did not need (to help me better pare down my items next time).

For this trip the one item I wish I had taken was my Clarisonic facial cleansing tool. Because I was traveling light, I thought the item would be too bulky. I also reasoned that since it was a beach vacation I would not be wearing too much makeup and therefore would not need deep cleansing. What I didn’t realize was that it was difficult to remove the layers of sunscreen off my face at the end of the day. The clarisonic would have been perfect for that task. So now it goes on my must have list.

The item I wish I had NOT taken was my laptop. It was bulky and heavy. I only used it once. I will no longer take it on a beach getaway.

What are your tips for stylish travel?

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