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Spotlight on: Talbots Sale

Hello friend! With so many retailers already offering great sales, I thought I’d share some of my wish list. Also, I have been planning on starting a new series where I feature my favorite retailers. Therefore, I decided to combine the two ideas and start my “Spotlight on” series discussing the great deals at the current Talbots sale.

Talbots Sale: What to Buy | leopard print | zebra print | pencil skirt | feminine style | classic style | shopping guide

While Talbots has been around for many years, I see few of us shopping there. I think it has the reputation of being for “older ladies.” I remember a few years back buying something from there and telling my coworker. She said “Really, you? That’s where my mom shops.” This reputation is unfortunate because I have gotten some amazing, youthful pieces from Talbots, often from their sales.

Previous Talbots Sale Purchases

The first time I actually went to Talbots was in pursuit of a cardigan. I had been looking for one in a specific shade of blue. One of the girls at church was wearing it and had told me she had purchased it there. Even though it wasn’t my typical store, the stubborn desire to attain that elusive blue cardigan led me there. Once I arrived, I was surprised at the bounty of items they offered, many in beautiful colors and prints that felt so “me.”

It was during that same trip that I purchased this beautiful zebra print pencil skirt. It is a staple in my closet, one I have worn many times. {Please forgive the poor quality photo, it was prior to my blogging days!}

Talbots Sale: What to Buy | leopard print | zebra print | pencil skirt | feminine style | classic style | shopping guide

Another skirt I purchased was a bold leopard print pencil skirt. I love how large the scale of the print is. It’s a unique skirt that has no rival in my closet. It also pairs beautifully with colors, especially green, as worn in my colorful coat post.

Talbots Sale: What to Buy | leopard print | zebra print | pencil skirt | feminine style | classic style | shopping guide

My Current Talbots Sale Wishlist

Because of the great sale going on now, I will be bringing home a few more pieces. I am eyeing the Houndstooth check sailor skirt. That’s because I am itching to do a pattern mix with houndstooth and buffalo plaid. I am also fawning over the back-bow suede pumps: it’s blue, it has a bow, do I need to say anything else? But there are so many other amazing options, so I’ll summarize them below for you.

While not on my own wish list, I do want to mention the sparkling stars button down shirt. It’s a white shirt with metallic gold dots, similar to the sold out shirt I was wearing in my prim class skirt post. So many of you had loved it, so I am pleased to find you a “dupe!”

Talbots Sale: Skirts

As you know, I have great luck finding beautiful skirts at Talbots. They have classic ones as well as fun prints. Here are the ones I am eyeing from the sale section.


Talbots Sale: Ruffles and Bows

Betcha you didn’t know that Tablots has fun and feminine pieces! Well they do. In fact, they adorn many of their items with fun bows, trims and ruffles.


Talbots Sale: Outerwear

Another category I rely on Talbots for is their outerwear. Besides the classic coats and jackets, they have many fun and youthful outerwear pieces. What I love most about their collections is that they feature a lot of color and print. I think that is especially stylish in the winter, when often all people see of you is your coat/jacket. Why not make it a fabulous one?


Talbots Sale: Shoes

Truth be told, before I set foot inside a Talbots store, I didn’t even know they sold shoes. But upon my first visit, I saw an amazing pair of leopard print shoes. Right away I knew they carried quality (and fun!) footwear. Just see for yourself below!


I hope you have enjoyed delving into one specific store with me. I encourage you to give Talbots a try. You will find, just like I did, that it is full of amazing pieces. And when they have markdowns, do not miss out. You can get great deals at a Talbots sale!


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