Hello friend! Today’s post is pretty different than my usual ones. That’s because today I am participating in the Bridging the Gap campaign.

What is Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is a campaign aimed at bringing together bloggers of different ages. The intent is for “millennial” and “baby boomer” women to connect and learn from one another. In the end, the hope is that we all see that we are essentially the same, thus bridging the gap between our generations!

Meet my Bridging the Gap Partner

My partner for the Bridging the Gap campaign is Helen of Haute Business. Helen was not my original partner for the campaign, but fate brought us together in the end. You see Helen and I are both part of the older group of women. However, both of our millennial partners had to bow out of the campaign. Instead of scrambling to find new bloggers, we decided to partner up!

Bridging the gap with Helen of Haute Business

While we do not have that many years in between us, I still got to learn a lot from Helen. In fact, in recent months, I have been blessed with making good friends with three women in their 50’s. These women, Helen among them, have given me such inspiration and hope.

Bridging the gap with Helen of Haute Business

The partnership worked out seamlessly. Getting to know Helen has been easy and natural. Helen is helpful, non-judgmental and insightful. We have easily texted back and forth for hours. I truly couldn’t have imagined a better partner.

Bridging the gap with Helen of Haute Business

Helen’s blog brings together her love for fashion with her knack for finance. As a CPA and certified financial planner, Helen knows all the ins and outs of the business world. It’s fun to get a mix of fashion and finance advice all in one place. I love it when bloggers share their other areas of expertise with us readers. So, thank you Helen for informing us all about mortgages, investing and social security. It’s so much fun to learn about that while looking at your cute outfits!

Bridging the gap with Helen of Haute Business

Speaking of clothes, Helen’s style is impeccable. Because of her sense of style, professional women have always asked her for fashion advice. This spurred her to start her blog. Helen certainly makes looking stylish seem easy. She is constantly styling some fierce outfits, complete with amazing shoes. But what I love most is how her personality comes through in the photos. Helen is a blogger you want to know!

Bridging the gap with Helen of Haute Business

Helen has also taught me multiple things. From blogging to just plain old life, women of different ages can help each other with their struggles. Recently, I turned to Helen for some technical issues. She explained the situation right away. It’s surprising to learn that we struggle with similar stresses. It’s also comforting to find helpful hands along the way. So thank you Helen!

Bridging the gap with Helen of Haute Business

My Thoughts on Bridging the Gap

I have to be honest: I am embarrassed about how I regarded older women when I was in my twenties. I remember a specific time I was working on a psychology project where we had to do a study using “attractive” magazine ads and “neutral” magazine ads. When I collected my study photos, I had included an ad for St. John in the “neutral” category. The model was likely in her 40’s and in my 20-year-old mind obviously too old to be considered attractive (trust me I am cringing as I type this).

Well my professor was looking over my materials and commented that he didn’t think that ad was neutral. I must have stared at him dumbfounded because he clarified that other people would find this woman very attractive. It was a very eye-opening experience, one that I still clearly remember today.

As I have aged, I am so embarrassed at how I viewed “older” women when I was in my twenties. I viewed them as unfashionable, unattractive, and almost dismissible. Well now I am the older woman, and boy did those years fly by. But I feel nothing like I had assumed women my age would be. I am fashionable; I am attractive; and I am most definitely not dismissible. Neither is Helen. Nor are any of the women in this campaign.

But this goes beyond me. Bridging the Gap is bringing together women (and men!) of every age. We are all struggling with similar things, maybe at different times, but still similar. Let’s stand together and raise each other up. I hope the Bridging the Gap campaign teaches that lesson not only to the campaign partners, but also to the world!