Hello friend! Welcome to my everyday style blog! Fashion blogging has always been a passion of mine. For years, I have been dreaming of the day that I would have time to write one of my own. I often composed blog posts in my head in anticipation of this blog. Years passed and that time never miraculously appeared. But I will nonetheless start my blog and pursue my passion for fashion!

polka dot pattern mix

I am a mom and a working professional in the medical field. I work in pediatrics. In fact it is that setting that has spurred my fashion style. Because I work with children, I opt to wear fun and whimsical pieces. However, because I work in a hospital and have to look professional and knowledgeable, I tone down the whimsy factor with more polished and tailored pieces, hence my style, polished whimsy!

mixing textures outfit

In this blog, I hope to share my personal style with you. I have opted to write an everyday style blog because that’s what I’m good at! I have always chosen to put together fun work outfits. That’s because I believe in dressing up nicely for work. It shows that you are happy to be there. Furthermore, it shows your personality. Because I am often shy when I meet people, I let my outfit do the talking.

everyday style blogger polished whimsy wearing a pattern mixing outfit with floral print shirt, polka dot midi skirt, and leopard print heels

The photos I have included here will give you a good example of what I would normally wear. I adore color and patterns. You will see me wearing bold (and happy!) colors as well as pattern mixing on the regular. Because I work full time, most of my outfits will likely be for work.


But I will also like to share off-work attire as well. Those will tend to be more casual, including denim and trendier pieces. Moreover, I would like to show you how to take on-trend pieces and make them work for many occasions. You can see such examples in my one item, four ways posts.

everyday style blogger polished whimsy wearing spring trend colorful rainbow stripes with distressed denim and red pumps

Thank you for visiting my blog and choosing to get to know me better. If you like what you see, please share with any friends who would like to follow an everyday style blog (you can use the share buttons below!). More importantly, I hope you stick around and get to know me as a true friend! Be sure to sign up for the email list on the sidebar to the right. This way all blog posts will be seamlessly emailed to you!