Hello friend! As I promised in my 2017 spring trends post, I am continuing with another installment of the trends.

Banker Stripes

Truth be told, before researching for this year’s spring trends, I didn’t even know what banker stripes were. I have however, always liked them, I just didn’t know they had a name! It turns out that banker stripes are vertical medium blue and white stripes. Furthermore, I actually own some items in banker stripes. The item I am wearing below is a classic button-down shirt in banker stripes.

Polished whimsy in banker stripes for 2014 Spring trends banker stripes for 2014 Spring trends

I have also found some similar looks if you’d like to add one to your spring/summer wardrobe:

Bare Your Bra

One trend that I may sit out is the bra as a top trend. The trend is simply wearing a bra (a pretty decorative bra, not your utilitarian nude everyday bra of course) as a top. Some of them have more coverage (like a cropped tank top) but others are a simple no support triangle bra. The runways featured a lot pretty satin ones.

But like I said, this trend will be one I will largely pass. The only way I see myself wearing this trend is possibly layered under a sheer top or a loose muscle tank. I have also seen some girls layer a pretty lace bralette over a t shirt. Another option would be to layer it under a blazer. These might be more modest and reasonable ways of participating in the trend. But we’ll see how I feel and how the season plays out!

Say it With Your Tee

Now here is a trend that I can fully support: a graphic tee. You’ve seen my previous graphic tee post, so you know how much fun I have with them. Also, the trend doesn’t just stop with a tee, you can wear a graphic sweater, jacket, etc. Have fun with it. I know I will!

Wide Leg Pants

While I am mostly a skirt girl, I occasionally don a pair of pants. They tend to be jeans for the most part. For spring, both denim and other pants are moving away from skinnies and towards dramatic wide legs. This is another trend that I will likely sit out, mostly because I’ll be wearing skirts! However, I do own a nice pair of wide leg jeans which may make an appearance this spring!

I hope this round-up of spring trends has you excited for the new season ahead. Which ones will you participate in and which ones will you sit out?

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