Hello friend! With fall almost here, it’s time to start thinking about the 2017 fall fashion trends and deciding which ones we’ll participate in. I have looked through countless magazines and websites to pull together what I think will be the most interesting trends this season. But first, if you’re not quite ready for fall, check out my post on summer to fall transition.

As with every new season, I will rely on pieces already in my wardrobe, along with some updates from new purchases. Therefore I will be including photos from previous seasons. Please excuse the lower quality photos as some were taken before my blogging days!

2017 Fall Fashion Trends: Fun Trim

Whether it be feathers, fur or fringe, a fun trim is definitely on call for 2017 fall fashion trends. I definitely plan on getting aboard this trend. That’s because I have always had a fondness for feathers (at one time I even wanted a feather tattoo)! I think feather trim will be a more painless option! Until I find such skirt, I will wear my Banana Republic fringe skirt (I linked a few comparable ones below, you’re welcome!).

Fall 2017 fashion trends fringe
Add some fun this holiday season with a fringy skirt!


2017 Fall Fashion Trends: Shimmer and Shine

From patent leather to sequins, the 2017 fall fashion trends are calling for some high shine items! Polished metallics and glossy coated items were big too. Also essential this season: glitter! Whether in shoes or other items, a little sprinkle of glitter is on point. I will participate by wearing my silver pumps and perhaps adding a sequined skirt to my collection.

2017 Fall Fashion Trends: Florals

While not commonly a fall trend, florals are going to be big this fall! I can proudly say I was ahead of the curve with this one. I actually wore fall florals (and blogged about it) last year. Therefore I can easily participate in the trend again this year!


2017 Fall Fashion Trends: Red

Well this girl is certainly happy to see red as the color for fall. I’ve always loved red. Probably because as a teen I wanted to be “The lady in red” from that ubiquitous love song! Therefore, I will certainly be donning red this fall. While the runways showed a bunch of head to toe red outfits, you can certainly start with just a splash!

This may be the perfect season to bring back my red leather trench coat. It’s one of my “museum” pieces (more to come on that soon)! It’s such a statement piece that I had retired it for a few years. But with red being so big this fall, I may have to resurface that piece. You can try a bold red coat as well. Or why not try the “it” shoes in red? I’ve linked a few options for you below!

2017 Fall Fashion Trends: Retro Plaid

Plaid is certainly a common fall print, so I’m not surprised to see it here. According to some insiders, the difference this season is that the plaid is more retro (think 70s style: with browns and oranges). Because I have always loved plaid, I am eager to try this trend as well. I plan on finding (within my closet and at the stores) some of the more classic plaid.

Plaid for fall 2017 fashion trends Plaid for fall 2017 fashion trends Plaid for fall 2017 fashion trends Plaid for fall 2017 fashion trends


2017 Fall Fashion Trends: Corduroy

Another one of the 2017 fall fashion trends that I am not surprised about is corduroy. Similar to plaid, corduroy seems to come around every fall. This is another trend I can easily follow. I already own a beautiful mustard yellow corduroy skirt from Anthropologie. I have worn it multiple times in the past and I am sure to wear it again this fall.

Mint and mustard outfit with anthropologie corduroy skirt demonstrating 2017 fall fashion trends

I’m also eyeing this gorgeous corduroy top. I think it will be just the item to add to my 2017 fall fashion trends list.


I have to admit that the 2017 fall fashion trends has got me excited for the cooler weather ahead. Which one of these trends are your favorites so far? And just in case you thought that’s all I had to offer, you’re wrong! Stay tuned for part II of my 2017 fall fashion trends. There are more exciting things to come!

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  1. Great info Elsie. I’m so happy that velvet is also still on trend as I bought lots last year. I’m also really excited that blazers and anything menswear is still hot too ! I think my fave from your list is anything red. Such a power color and looks beautiful on everyone. And of course I’m mad for plaid !! Lol. Oh and I love your hair straight in that pic above. I didn’t even recognize you at first. Gorgeous ! Happy Friday. Hope you get posting again soon as I’m missing your fashion inspiration !

    • Hi Shayna! I’m so excited for red and plaid too! I’m hoping I’m back to posting regularly now. September was definitely rough! I’m hoping it’s behind me! Thanks for reading and checking in on me! I appreciate your concern, support and friendship! I hope you are doing well! 🙂

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