Month: December 2016

Color Crush: Gray and Mustard

Hello friend! With the transition to winter, I will also update some of my color combinations. In winter, I tend to work in more cooler neutrals, like gray. For a seamless transition from fall to winter, I will pair gray and mustard in my outfits. This color combination combines one of my favorite fall colors with one of my favorite winter colors. Therefore, it’s guaranteed to be a winning combination! Let’s see the proof:

Gray and Mustard for Work

Add some interest to your work outfit by incorporating this new color scheme into your work wear.

Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy

In this outfit, the gray and mustard are already paired together in the skirt. Therefore, I simply played off of that by adding touches of mustard elsewhere. For example, I wore mustard shoes and a blouse with mustard accents.

Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy

Winter Ready in Gray and Mustard

Another work (or going out) outfit can be achieved by pairing a chunky turtleneck sweater with a yellow skirt. Actually, in this outfit, I wore the sweater over a dress (one of my favorite little tricks!) The effect is still the same; in essence it looks like a flowy skirt paired with a sweater. Moreover, it’s a smart way to extend the wear of your lighter weight dresses.

Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy Gray and mustard yellow outfit as seen on Polished Whimsy blog

For accessories, I went off the black accents in the print of the dress and chose to add black shoes and a bag. For earrings, I added my black Chiquita drop earrings.

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard

Casual Gray and Mustard

Take this color combination into other aspects of your life too. It is easy to make a casual look with gray and mustard. Here I paired a sweater and button down. The sweater already had both colors in it. The gray from the shirt solidifies the color palette. An added bonus is of course the fun pattern mix.

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard casual outfit

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard casual outfit

I played up the accessories for this look with a pretty pendant necklace and some fun bracelets.

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard casual outfit

Color Blocked in Gray and Mustard

For a casual going out look, I chose to concentrate on the colors themselves. Therefore I chose solids and went for a  color-blocked outfit. This gray cold shoulder sweater has been a great piece this winter (and at a great price point). While it keeps me covered and warm (the cold shoulder is truly not that cold!), it also adds style and flair to any outfit. Furthermore, the ruffle adds a sweet and romantic touch.

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard gold shoulder outfit Polished whimsy in gray and mustard gold shoulder outfit

The bold color of the skirt is exactly what I was looking for. You know that I like pairing mustard with various other colors. Previously I have done posts on mustard and mint as well as mustard and burgundy, therefore I like having a bold mustard skirt in my closet. So when I saw this one at J.Crew over the holidays, I knew it had to be mine! I adore the nautical details in the buttons. It has since sold out, but here are some other options:

Toss in my favorite booties and the color block is complete. This allows for each piece to stand out on its own. For accessories I chose one standout piece, these amazing crescent earrings. In addition to the earrings, I went bold with my lip color too. This is the NYX liquid lipstick in Kitten Heels. It’s a bright red with a tinge of orange. It really brightens up the face!

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard gold shoulder outfitI hope you will try these colors together. As always, I have linked the available items below.

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One Item Four Ways: Green Tartan Skirt

Hello friend! By now you all know that I am infatuated with patterns. Recently tartan plaid has claimed my heart. So when I saw this green tartan skirt on StyleWe, I knew I had to have it. Since I received it, I have worn it three times. It is both versatile and flattering. Let me show you by styling it four ways.

Modern Green Tartan Skirt

For the first look, I decided to pair the classic skirt with an on-trend item like this cold shoulder sweater. I chose to keep this look neutral so that the color and print of the skirt are the focus of the outfit.

Polished whimsy in green tartan skirt and grey cold shoulder sweater. Polished whimsy in green tartan skirt and grey cold shoulder sweater.

For accessories I chose my grey Charming Charlie tote. I kept the jewelry minimal, with a statement necklace and a watch.

Polished whimsy in green tartan skirt and grey cold shoulder sweater.

Demure in Green Tartan Skirt

Next I wanted to add in some pops of color. Because of my love for my mustard shoes, I decided mustard would be that color. My new Anthropologie blouse with its mustard bow detail stood out as the perfect top for this outfit.

Polished whimsy in green tartan skirt and anthropologie callum tie neck blousePolished whimsy in green tartan skirt and anthropologie callum tie neck blouse

Because of the pretty bow detail on the neck, I decided to skip a necklace. Instead I opted for a pretty pair of earrings and some bangle bracelets.

Polished whimsy in anthropologie callum blouse and green tartan skirt

Preppy Green Tartan Skirt

Another work appropriate look is this one incorporating a gingham button down shirt with the plaid skirt. Here I also got to play with a color theory I’ve been interested in: pairing adjacent colors on the color wheel. In this instance the adjacent colors are blue and green. An added bonus of course is the pattern mixing that is achieved with these items. You know nothing makes me happier than a pretty pattern mix!

polished whimsy in gingham and tartan plaid outfit
Polished whimsy pattern mixing in gingham shirt and green tartan skirt

For accessories, I wanted to add in some extra color, thus I wore a pair of red pumps. I also wanted to bring in a third pattern, so I added the leopard print clutch. For earrings, I decided to keep it minimal with my favorite hoops. Lastly, I decided to up the drama by adding a bold tassel necklace.

Polished whimsy pattern mixing in gingham shirt and green tartan skirt Polished whimsy pattern mixing in gingham shirt and green tartan skirt

Tough in Green Tartan Skirt

Finally for my most unique outfit, I chose to pair the skirt with leather and lace. I adore the juxtaposition of the wool against the lace and leather. Furthermore, I love that the outfit feels almost costume-y. It evokes a bit of Victorian times and even more, of 18th century Scotland (or what I know of it from watching Outlander). But to prevent it from being too costume-y, I made sure the cut of the jacket and skirt were modern.

polished whimsy in green tartan skirt with lace top and leather jacketpolished whimsy in green tartan skirt with lace top and leather jacketpolished whimsy in green tartan skirt with lace top and leather jacket

Sticking with my Victorian/Scottish inspiration, I chose a pair of lace-up booties to complete the look. Opting for a high heel also helped to keep the look contemporary. For my jewelry, I chose to pair the outfit with a sparkly tassel earring. This added yet another dimension of texture and interest to the look.

polished whimsy in green tartan skirt with lace top and leather jacket

Needless to say, I found it fun and easy to pair this gorgeous green tartan skirt with multiple items in my closet. But I’d love to hear your opinion. Which look is your favorite? If you’d like to venture out to try this yourself, the skirt is available here. I have also linked the other items from the post directly below.

Try This: Victorian Romance

Hello friend! I am lucky to have been invited to participate in this month’s Project Sister Act by my blogger friend Sheela Goh. Project Sister Act is a wonderful way for bloggers from different age groups to get together and post an outfit from an inspiration. The aim is to show that women in every age group can participate in style and fashion. I will be representing the woman in her 30’s.

This month’s theme is Victorian Romance. Now when I first thought of Victorian times, I thought of high collars and heavy skirts. But I didn’t want my outfit to be too literal, or costume-ish. Therefore, I went about mixing up my pieces. For some reason, this tweed jacket kept calling to me. I think the texture reminds me of that era. So, I chose the tweed and set out to find the rest of the outfit.

Polished whimsy in victorian romance theme outfit

I remember the first time I wore this jacket, in my Weekend in NYC post, Sheela had suggested I pair it with a tulle skirt. Well, that suggestion stuck with me and I decided to try it here. Because I like to play with textures (especially when my color palette is neutral), I added a black lace tee. The look just magically came together after that.

Polished whimsy in victorian romance theme outfit

For shoes, I chose a pair of lace-up booties. These felt quintessential Victorian.

Polished whimsy in victorian romance theme outfit and booties

For the jewelry, I wanted to contrast modern with Victorian. Therefore, I paired modern design Kendra Scott earrings with a traditional and classic pearl choker. I also chose to bring some edge to the look with some fun stacked rings.

Victorian Romance by Eve of theworldaccordingtoeve

Eve (representing teens) seemed to have a similar idea as I did regarding a high collar. This dress in its dark colors and floral print is a beautiful take on Victorian Romance. Moreover, I love how youthful and playful this outfit is.

Victorian Romance by Oby Grace of obygrace

Next up is a 20-something’s interpretation of Victorian Romance. The lovely Oby Grace and I had the same instinct to choose a tulle skirt. She chose to add a turtleneck and gorgeous leopard heels. I adore the flare she added!

Victorian Romance by Sheela of sheelawrites

Sheela (representing the 40s) always pushes the envelope and her take on the theme is of no exception. Her plaid ruffled skirt and baroque top are definitely in keeping with the era. However, she has added her own spin by pairing it with a red leather jacket.

sheela for Victorian Romance

Victorian Romance by Dawn of fashionshouldbefun

Dawn, representing 50’s, chose to wear pants. I love that she did something different than the rest of us. Her beautiful ruffly top provides a ton of romance and a reference to the Victorian era.

Dawn in Victorian Romance outfit

I am so happy to have been involved in this project. Thank you Sheela for asking me! It is such a pleasure to be with a group of lovely and talented ladies. Furthermore, I am glad to partake in a small movement that may prove once and for all that fashion is ageless!

One Item Four Ways: Wedge Booties

Hello Friend! Because we are well into boot and bootie season, I want to share with you multiple ways I wear my booties. I wear booties for all occasions of life and therefore will show you a pair of booties for a one item four ways post. The booties I will be showcasing are the Keyport wedge booties from Secret Celebrity which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Wedge Booties for Work

One of my favorite ways to wear wedge booties is with a skirt and tights. These specific booties are very conducive for a professional job because they are lean and streamlined. The classic design and timeless styling also help to make this bootie perfectly work appropriate.

Polished whimsy in wedge booties for work

Because of its neutral color, this bootie is perfect to pair with patterned tights. Here I paired it with a herringbone print. The stone color highlights the fun pattern in the tights while still standing out as its own piece.

Polished whimsy in herringbone tights and wedge booties

Casual Cutie in a Wedge Bootie

Besides work, these booties are easy to wear for many other occasions. Adding them to a simple jean and sweater look has you ready for a day of fun.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check sweater and wedge booties Polished whimsy in buffalo plaid sweater and wedge booties

Another option, especially for the colder days, is to layer a pair of leg warmers over the booties. This provides warmth and some additional style to your look.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check sweater and wedge bootiespolished whimsy in wedge booties and leg warmersAnother casual look, especially one for running errands, is pairing the booties with a comfy and cute pair of patterned leggings. I have these faire isle print ones that I adore. I simply added a high-low hem tee and a fun warrior necklace and I am good to go!

Polished whimsy in leggings and wedge booties

Dressing up the Wedge Booties

Because of the sleek look of the boot, it can be quickly taken to a more sophisticated look by pairing it with a flowy skirt. Add a sweater and some pretty earrings, and the look is perfect for a winter night out.

Polished whimsy in skirt with turtleneck sweater and wedge bootiesPolished whimsy in skirt and turtleneck sweater with wedge booties

Recently I have been obsessing over sweaters and flowy skirts. In fact, I will likely do another post dedicated to that look. But until then, here are some pretty options if you’d like to purchase a similar look for yourself:

In conclusion, I hope that with the multiple pairings of the booties, you are in agreement that they are a versatile item for your wardrobe. Fortunately for you, the inspiration does not stop here. For this blog post I am fortunate to link up with these other fabulous ladies all showcasing their Keyport wedge booties. Please check out their stylings as well!

That Chic Mom

Momma in Flip Flops

Tiffani at Breton Bay

The Mummy Chronicles

Style in Harmony

And as always, you can shop the post here:

Color Crush: Mustard and Burgundy

Hello friend! As we near the end of fall, I would like one last homage to my favorite color of the season: burgundy.  I adored pairing burgundy and blush as well as burgundy and pink. And let’s not forget baby blue and burgundy. Needless to say, I think burgundy pairs well with many other colors. So today, let me introduce you to one last pairing: mustard and burgundy.

Mustard and Burgundy for Work

For a simple work outfit, pair a mustard plaid (or other print) with a burgundy skirt. The vibrant colors complement each other perfectly. Because I adore pattern mixing, I chose to add leopard print pumps. However, if that is too much for you, simply pair it with a cognac shoe instead.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

For my accessories, I decided to wear an eye-catching necklace with the Araksi from Baublebar. I also doubled up on the burgundy by wearing a burgundy leather strap watch.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy outfit and baublebar araksi necklace

A second work outfit is with this multi color striped top. Because the shirt has both mustard and burgundy in it, I decided to make that the focus of my color palette.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

Once again I brought in some leopard print because I enjoy mixing prints, but of course that is completely optional. In this outfit, I am also wearing some of the same pieces of jewelry as the last outfit. However, I’ve changed it up a bit in the styling. I am wearing the necklace backwards so that it is a simple circular  strand of crystal goodness right at the neckline. Don’t you just love versatile pieces like this?

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy and baublebar araksi necklace

Casual Mustard and Burgundy

For a casual look, simply pair a burgundy top with a mustard colorway scarf. Here I am wearing a mustard plaid blanket scarf. I paired it all with neutral grey jeans and black over the knee boots.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

Dressy Mustard and Burgundy

To achieve a more dressy look, I chose one of my all time favorite Anthropologie skirts. It is long since sold out, so I’m sorry for making you fall in love with it. But she really is a beauty! Ironically, the skirt has a burgundy underlay and a mustard waist line. It’s as if it was meant for this post! For this look, I paired the skirt with a burgundy cardigan and my favorite mustard heels.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

For my accessories, I added my Baublebar twisted pearl necklace and a statement belt.

Mustard and Burgundy Accessories

The color fun doesn’t have to stop with your clothes. You can also bring in the mustard and burgundy into your accessories. It’s not only a fun way to break up your routine of neutral accessories, but also a creative way of bringing in color into your outfit.

Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy Polished whimsy in mustard and burgundy

As the fall season comes to an end, make it a point to celebrate the season of color by pairing your mustard and burgundy pieces together.

Try This: Multi Colored Striped Shirt

Hello Friend! For a while now I have been itching to own an item of clothing with colorful stripes. I had missed purchasing a gorgeous colorful striped skirt at J. Crew and have since had skipper’s remorse. Therefore when I saw this multi colored striped shirt on StyleWe, I snapped it up immediately.

Polished whimsy in StyleWe multi colored striped shirt for work

It was my first time ordering from StyleWe and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. The selection was good: many options, but not overwhelmingly so. All of the items I saw had the measurements available. This is especially helpful when purchasing from an online retailer. Moreover, the items arrived quickly, which is unusual for overseas companies. Finally, and quite frankly most importantly, the items were good quality.

The multi colored striped shirt was exactly what I was hoping it would be, so I set out to style it a couple of different ways.

Multi Colored Striped Shirt for Work

With so many colors already in the shirt, styling this item is a breeze. The quickest option for work is to simply pair it with a pant or skirt in one of the colors. Here I went with burgundy as it is now Fall. But come spring and summer, I will certainly be wearing it with pinks and magentas.

Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt for work

Color play is so much fun with this shirt because of all of its colors. Thus I easily chose a fun mustard shoe to wear. This shirt takes the guesswork out of color coordinating an outfit! Next time I plan on wearing it with a teal skirt and the same mustard shoes!

Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt for work

For accessories, I chose to do a bit of pattern mixing by bringing in a leopard print clutch. Some fun rings and bracelets completed the arm party.

Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt and leopard print clutch

For the neckline, I chose a new favorite, the Araksi necklace from Baublebar. The fact that it sits high on the collarbone meant that it did not interfere with the shirt. It was a perfect touch of bling without taking away the splendor of the top.

Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt and baublebar araksi necklace

Multi Colored Striped Shirt for Play

Styling this shirt for a casual look was just as easy as for work. I threw it on with a pair of jeans and it was perfect. I chose a high waisted jean because I didn’t want the top of the jean to catch the pretty peplum hem of the shirt.

Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt and jeans Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt and jeans

Just like with the work outfit, I easily paired a fun shoe with the jeans. This time I went for red pumps.

Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt and jeans

For accessories I chose the Addie earrings from Kendra Scott. They are the perfect size to stand out against my hair, but not too large that they distract from the shirt. I also threw in a sizeable arm party and a gold cuff. With all of those accessories so strong, I decided to forego a necklace.

Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt and jeansFor added fun and warmth, I added a faux fur leopard print jacket.

Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt and jeans and leopard print coat Polished whimsy in multi colored striped shirt and jeans and leopard print coat

I am truly glad I finally own a multi colored striped shirt. This blouse from StyleWe is exactly what I have been looking for. I hope you liked my stylings. If you have other suggestions, please let me know in the comments. And as always, available items from this post are linked below.

The Beauty Beat: Fall Lipstick Colors

Hello friend! As you likely know, I adore makeup. I can never decide whether I love fashion or beauty more. Therefore I will have a beauty segment every now and then so I can get my beauty fix. You probably don’t know this, but I have even taken a few professional makeup classes. So that’s all the more reason that I discuss it on the blog. I would like to share what I have learned with you.

I think it is important to swap out your makeup shades in the changing seasons. It keeps your look updated and makes sure you don’t get in a rut. So I’d like to share with you my favorite fall lipstick colors. They all happen to be MAC, not because that’s the best brand out there. But it is one that I have been obsessed with since my teen years. So I know their line the best and am comfortable recommending them. I am rarely disappointed with a MAC lipstick.

MAC fall lipstick colors

Plum Shades

I always like to have a light plummy-mauve lipstick as my everyday lipstick in the fall. It tends to go with just about any makeup look and outfit. In fact, I keep one of these in my locker at work. Therefore if I have forgotten my lipstick, this one will step in for the day.

The one I have turned to year after year is MAC Syrup. Syrup is in the lustre formula, which is one of my preferred formulas for work. While it is an opaque color, it also has a shine and a light consistency. It feels very comfortable on the lips. However, I do have to reapply it throughout the day, especially after meals.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC syrup lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Syrup

Another plum shade I like is MAC Plumful. Plumful is similar to Syrup, but as its name suggests, it has more of the plum shades to it. It is a beautiful color to wear for photos as it looks lustrous and natural in photographs. Similarly to Syrup, it also works well with many other makeup looks. Also like Syrup, Plumful is a lustre formula, making it a comfortable lipstick to wear.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Plumful lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Plumful

Red Shades

In the fall, I move away from the pink reds and more towards the brown reds. The first of these colors I choose is MAC Brick-O-La. Brick-O-La is an amplified finish, meaning is is more opaque than the lustre but it still has some sheen. It has a very creamy look on the lips. As far as colors go, Brick-O-La reminds me of a cross between terra cotta and hot chocolate. It is a perfect muted red tone to wear on a daily basis.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Brick-O-La lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Brick-O-La

Now when I want to wear a more attention demanding fall red, I turn to MAC Dubonnet. It is also an amplified finish, thus producing a creamy finish with a slight sheen. However, unlike Brick-O-La, Dubonnet is darker and more red. I like to describe it as a black cherry color. If I wear this to work, I simply blot it once or twice to make it more office appropriate.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Dubonnet lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Dubonnet

Berry Shades

For the perfect berry shade, especially for evenings out, I always rely on MAC Rebel. Rebel has always been one of my favorite fall lipstick colors. The only downside to Rebel is that it’s a satin formula, which is a formulation I don’t usually enjoy. However, because the color is so beautiful, I happily wear this satin formula. Rebel is the perfect shade of berry, with a nice amount of blue in it. It is very striking color that will suite many skin tones.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Rebel lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Rebel

Burgundy Shades

When it comes to burgundy shades, I have two favorites. The first is MAC Viva Glam III. It is a matte formula, so there is very little shine. However, it goes on very smoothly and easily. This lipstick is a brown-burgundy, so it’s fairly easy to wear (not too vampy). An added bonus is that the every cent spent on a Viva Glam lipstick goes to the MAC AIDS fund.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Viva Glam III lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Viva Glam III

Now when I am ready to go bold and vampy, I take a walk on the dark side, literally! I use MAC Dark Side lipstick. Dark Side is an amplified finish, which I love. It applies easily and wears well. The color is a definitely a more purple toned burgundy.

Polished Whimsy wearing MAC Dark Side lipstick for fall lipstick colors
MAC Dark Side

I hope you enjoyed my favorite Fall lipstick colors. Please let me know how else I can help you with makeup. I’d love to pass on whatever I’ve learned to you friends!

Lipsticks mentioned in this post:

Color Crush: Burgundy and Pink

Hello friend! If it’s not obvious, I am a tad obsessed with burgundy. I’ve done multiple color crush series on burgundy pairings. Well, add another to the list because I am thoroughly obsessed with burgundy and pink.

Although I had done a burgundy and blush post, recently I have come to like burgundy paired with a slightly darker pink than blush. I find that a cooler mid tone pink works very well with burgundy.

Burgundy and Pink for the Office

Because I work full-time, I love to have fun outfits. Therefore, I had to bring this color scheme to my work outfits. For this first look, I paired my burgundy J. Crew pencil skirt with a pink J. Crew Factory buffalo plaid shirt.

Polished whimsy in burgundy and pink j crew work outfit

For accessories, I added my blush lace up heels along with a pretty pendant necklace. Because the necklace was a long one, I wanted some extra bling closer to my face. Therefore, I added a pretty pair of earrings.

Polished whimsy in burgundy and pink j crew buffalo plaid shirt

Another option for work is to incorporate a patterned blanket scarf with the same colors into the outfit. The colors are grounded by the neutral camel color that is found in the scarf and echoed in the vest.

Polished whimsy in burgundy and pink blanket scarf

Because the blanket scarf is so voluminous, I opted for stud earrings. I chose these pretty Indie and Chic pair because they are dainty yet detailed.

Polished whimsy in burgundy and pink blanket scarf

Casual Burgundy and Pink

This color palette also works for casual looks. For this first one, I paired a pink gingham shirt with an argyle sweater. I added a pop of burgundy with the purse. Keeping everything else neutral is key to making the pink and burgundy pop.

Polished whimsy in casual burgundy and pink outfit

For another casual look, I paired a pink tweed jacket with a burgundy top and jeans. The colors and the textures here give this outfit a lot of visual interest. I grounded the look with a pair of nude pumps.

Polished whimsy in tweed pink and burgundy casual chic look

For accessories, I added a twisted strand of pearls and my fun new Kate Spade watch.

polished whimsy in burgundy and pinkAnd last, for an ultra casual look, I paired a pink tee with a cozy burgundy cardigan and patterned leggings. White chucks completed the feel of the relaxed outfit.

Polished whimsy in burgundy and pink

I hope you enjoyed the burgundy and pink outfits. If you learned something and want to share with others, please use the buttons below to post on your favorite social media feeds. Furthermore, if you are interested in shopping some of my looks, I have included the available items below.

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello friend! As you are surely aware, the holidays are right around the corner. The nearing of the holidays, brings with it our need and stress to get our holiday shopping done. Well don’t fret, my holiday gift guide is here to help you get the best gifts for your friends and family.

The Foodie

For the foodies in your life, or simply for a hostess gift, don’t overlook the beautiful houseware items at Anthropologie. An elegant cheeseboard and cheese knives would delight any hostess. For the baker in your group, opt for a pretty cake platter to display their concoctions. As for the wine lover, pick out a pretty corkscrew set or attractive wine rack.

The Fashionista

For the fashionistas in my life, I tend to gift accessories rather than clothing items. This saves me and the recipient from any embarrassing “guess her size” games. My first go-to option is jewelry. For that I usually turn to Baublebar. They have fashionable items at a variety of price points.

For the trendier fashionista friends, I’d opt for “now” pieces such as tassel earrings or a choker. For the ladies with more classic style, choose a simple bar necklace that can be layered for added fun. A twisted strand of pearls is also a perfect option for the preppy fashionista. Lastly, a classic monogram necklace is always a winner.

Besides jewelry, I also like to gift small necessities that one doesn’t buy for oneself. This year, that is going to be the portable phone charger. I have found a few that I absolutely adore. One is this tassel charger from Rebecca Minkoff. It is genius, an accessory and an invaluable tool all in one! The others are a few from Kate Spade, including this striped charger, and this sparkly counterpart.

The Stranger

Now we all at some point have to buy a gift for a virtual stranger, a new girlfriend of a family member, new boss, or a distant relative you are visiting. These gifts are often the most challenging. I recommend to stick to something basic for the home or office. I often will choose pretty stationary or a planner. Pretty desktop organizers are also good choices. When all else fails, I always turn to candles. My favorite is the Capri candle in blue volcano. The scent is unique and exotic, yet clean and comforting.

I hope my holiday gift guide has given you some ideas as what to purchase. Please share this post using the links below so that others who may need it can also see! Good luck out there!

Color Crush: Baby Blue and Burgundy

Hello friend! If you’ve read my Instagram style challenges post, then you already know I get a lot of style inspiration from them. One of the recent challenges hosted by my friend Katy from @wearwhatwhere, had a prompt of burgundy blues. In recent conversations, Katy had also shared with me her current favorite color pair: baby blue and burgundy. I was drawn to the colors and I knew I had to make a color crush post to share with you.

Keep in Casual in Baby Blue and Burgundy

Upgrade a casual sweater and leggings look by bringing in this beautiful new color combination.

Polished whimsy in baby blue and burgundy

The look can be simply accomplished by adding a baby blue necklace to a rich burgundy sweater.

Polished whimsy in baby blue and burgundy

Polished whimsy in baby blue and burgundy

Baby Blue and Burgundy for Work

This color combination is an easy one to wear to work. Here I paired a baby blue striped shirt with a burgundy skirt.

Polished whimsy wearing baby blue and burgundy for work Polished whimsy wearing baby blue and burgundy for work

Another way to wear this color combination to work is by pairing a burgundy plaid with a baby blue pencil skirt. The added bonus here is that this allows you to wear your summer items (such as your baby blue) into the fall. The color combination still works for fall because the rich burgundy hue carries the blue into the season.

Polished whimsy in burgundy plaid and baby blue skirt Polished whimsy in burgundy plaid and baby blue skirt

Dressy Baby Blue and Burgundy

I wore this color combination for this year’s thanksgiving outfit. It was seasonal yet unique, perfectly fitting my style.

Polished whimsy in baby blue bag and burgundy dress and baublebar primrose drops Polished whimsy in baby blue bag and burgundy dress

Accessorize with Baby Blue and Burgundy

Sometimes, you can get the effect just from your accessories. Here I tied a burgundy square scarf around my blue purse. I wore these accessories with a simple grey dress. The pops of colors in the baby blue and burgundy brought a lot of personality to the neutral dress.

Baby blue and burgundy accessories as seen on Polished Whimsy

I’m so happy Katy mentioned this color combination. It is a beautiful palette to work with. I hope you have found some inspiration here. Let me know (and tag me on Instagram) if you try this combination.

As always, for those interested in shopping the post, I have listed any of the available items below.