Month: October 2016

Try This: Poncho for the Office

Hello friend! What do you think about the poncho? While it’s having a comeback into popular fashion again, I was skeptical about wearing it to work. Although I have worn ponchos for casual outfits, I just was not sure about it for the workplace. As a result of this doubt, I set out to determine how to wear a poncho for work.

Ideas on how to wear a poncho for work.

Because this was a new look for me, I decided to keep the colors neutral. As a result, it would help the outfit look more work appropriate. Since I chose a neutral color palette, I chose to play with texture. Hence, to the rougher texture of the wool poncho, I added the feminine texture of lace.

Ideas on how to wear a poncho for work.

For accessories, I wanted to maximize the feminine touches. Therefore, I went with high heeled booties and pretty tassel earrings.

poncho for work

poncho for work, with baublebar tassel earrings

For underneath the poncho, I layered a black sweater. The sweater also had some fun texture in the gold studs on the sleeves.

Ideas on how to wear a poncho for work.

I hope this outfit has convinced you that you can wear a poncho for work. Moreover, I hope you try your hand at this outfit.

Inspiration to Execution: Color Blocking

Hello Friend!

As you likely know, J. Crew catalogs are a constant source of outfit inspiration for me. The most recent catalog features beautiful outfits centered around color blocking. While many of the outfits are amazing (obviously, it’s J. Crew!), the outfit on the left is in a league of its own. Besides the beauty of each individual piece, the colors together are vivid and eye-catching. Therefore, I had to attempt a similar look.

Because the essence of color blocking lies in the colors, I chose to use the same color palette as the catalog photo. As I have told you many times, when you are inspired by something, first shop your closet and find items that can make do for your interpretation.

color blocking j crew catalog inspired outfit

As I looked around my closet, I had only one item of each color. Luckily, they were all different articles of clothing and thus could be paired together. Instead of pants, I had a green skirt. For the second color, the periwinkle blue, I also had an option in my closet, a blouse. Finally, for the camel coat, I had a camel long vest which succeeded in tying the whole outfit together.

color blocking outfit inspired by J Crew

Because this was a work look, I kept my accessories clean and neutral. Thus for my jewelry, I chose a simple monogram necklace, stud earrings, a watch and a fun ring.

color blocking j crew catalog inspired outfit

Because the outfit is so colorful, I chose neutral for the rest of my accessories. Consequently, for my bag, I turned to my ever faithful cognac Rebecca Minkoff tote. In addition to the shoes, I also added a pair of cognac heels.

color blocking and j crew catalog inspired outfit with Rebecca Minkoff medium mab and baublebar ring

All together it makes for a fierce outfit. While I chose to make this a work appropriate look, I think with a few tweaks it can be a fun evening out look as well.

color blocking and j crew catalog inspired outfit

Finally, I hope from reading this post, you can tell I thoroughly enjoy taking outfit inspirations and turning them into real-life looks. In addition, I hope you will try to do this for yourself as well!

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Try This: 90s Fashion Trends

Hello friend!

If you’ve been following fashion these past couple of years, you would have surely seen the resurgence of 90s fashion trends. While I like to participate in trends, I don’t like to relive the exact look of a decade. So let me show you how I modernize the trend.

90s fashion trends lace babydoll dress and choker


First of all, from the multiple items popularized in the trend,  I choose the styles that I would actually wear. For me, that is chokers, baby-doll dresses, flannels, bandanas and matte lips (I consider makeup a part of my look)! Then I incorporate those items with contemporary and classic pieces. That results in a fresh take on the trend, and one that is all mine!


90s fashion trends lace babydoll dress and choker

For my first example, I am wearing a baby-doll dress and a choker. Both items were ubiquitous 90’s pieces. However, I made them more modern by pairing with a contemporary bootie (instead of the then popular Doc Marten’s). I also chose a solid print dress (but one with great texture) instead of the prevalent 90’s floral print.


90s fashion trends lace babydoll dress and choker

The bell sleeves of the dress also give it a more bohemian and 70’s vibe. That’s another reason I like this dress so much. While I want a nod to the 90’s, I don’t want to look like I stepped out of the 90’s!
90s fashion trends lace babydoll dress and choker

90s fashion trends lace babydoll dress and choker

My last bit of 90’s style is my makeup. I turned to matte brown lips, the ever-popular lip shade of the decade. To get the look, I use my MAC lipliner and Kat Von Dee liquid lipstick.

90s fashion trends lace babydoll dress and choker and makeup

My second example is a more casual look. I wore this while I was sightseeing in Brooklyn.

90s fashion trends with flannel shirt and bandana

The 90’s vibe is definitely present in the flannel around the waist and the bandana. But yet again, I made it feel contemporary by pairing those items with more “now” and classic pieces such as the split knee skinny jean and the chambray shirt. The sleek modern bootie also grounds the look and makes it current.

90s fashion trends with flannel shirt and bandana

Are you similarly intrigued by some of the 90s fashion trends or would you rather leave them in the past?

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Color Crush: Burgundy and Blush

Hello friend,

As I started to put away my summer clothes in exchange for my fall items, I realized there were some pieces I didn’t want to entomb for the colder months. Most important of these were my blush toned items. While the softer pastel tones of the items called for warm weather, I knew I could make it fall appropriate. Thus I set about pairing it with more traditional autumnal colors. Once I paired it with burgundy, it was a match made in heaven. So let me share my ways to make burgundy and blush work for you this season.

burgundy and blush fall outfit

For the first outfit, I went for a simple color-blocked look with this lovely Charming Charlie blouse. The colors play off of each other perfectly. I chose nude pumps so not to detract from the beautiful colors.
burgundy and blush

Another option is to incorporate burgundy in a print. This is demonstrated in the floral kimono below. While there are many colors in the kimono, the predominant one is burgundy. Because the item is so large, I chose to add multiple bits of blush to break up the large expanse of burgundy.

burgundy and blush with a fall florals kimono

For a fun casual look, I paired my blush leather jacket with a lace burgundy shirt.

burgundy and blush in a leather and lace outfit

As I’ve said before, I like to add interest to the outfit by bringing in multiple textures. That applies here too with the mix of leather, denim and lace.

burgundy and blush with lace and leather

The fun doesn’t have to stop with the clothes. You can use the color palette in your accessories as well. Therefore, try pairing a beautiful blush tone statement earring with a burgundy top. Furthermore, the femininity of this particular earring is a nice contrast to the innate masculinity of a plaid shirt.

burgundy and blush with plaid shirt and baublebar primrose soft floral drops earrings

Another option is to pair a burgundy scarf with a blush tee. This is also an opportunity to bring in a print as I did with this polka dot scarf.

burgundy and blush with a square polka dot scarf and lace tee

Finally, your accessories can achieve the burgundy and blush combination on their own. This concept is perfectly illustrated below with the blush bag and shoes. While the larger pieces are blush, the small burgundy scarf tied around the purse’s strap results in a perfect contrast.

burgundy and blush accessories

Following the examples above, I hope burgundy and blush will become a go-to color combination for you.

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Pattern Primer: Triple Pattern Mix

Hello friend! If you’ve been following my style for a while, then you know I like to pattern mix. Whether it is plaid, floral or stripes, I am always itching to pair it with another print. While it was daunting at first, now I feel like I have mastered it (see my Pattern Mixing 101 post). But now comes another challenge: mixing three prints in one outfit! How do you achieve a cohesive triple pattern mix? Let me show you the way!

Triple Pattern Mix With Unifying Color Palette

First of all, choose a unifying color palette. That way, even if the patterns are different, the similar colors makes the outfit look intentional. One of my favorite examples of this is the outfit below. It is a mix of red, white and blue.

Everyday styple blogger polished whimsy wears a triple pattern mix outfit with gingham stripes and floral print


The shirt has white and blue. The skirt has red and blue. But because the shoe has red, white and blue, the entire outfit feels aligned. Having all three colors in each piece would be too redundant, but having one palette which all the pieces contribute to, makes it visually appealing.

Everyday style blogger polished whimsy wears a triple pattern mix outfit with gingham stripes and floral print


Stick With One Main Color

Alternatively, you can take the outfit look cohesive by sticking with just one color. Here, I have paired two gingham prints (of different sizes) in tones of blue. While it is a bold pattern mix, the outfit looks unified because of the same color scheme. To complete the theme, you could have easily worn a blue patterned shoe. But because I do enjoy mixing up color as well as pattern, I chose a leopard print.

Everyday style blogger polished whimsy wears a triple pattern mix outfit with gingham plaid and leopard print


For this outfit, I chose to add the third print in the shoes, but you can do otherwise. As I have said before, changing up my outfits constantly is how I keep my closet fresh and interesting. The next time I wear this outfit, I will likely wear it with a leopard print belt. The following time, I can move the leopard print to the bag. See how fun it can be?

Triple pattern mix with gingham check and leopard print

Choose Your Triple Pattern Mix Focus

Another way to achieve a good triple pattern mix outfit is to pick a focus print/piece. Then use the other prints to complement and support it (kind of like a lead actor and the supporting actors)! To illustrate that theme, see this look below. I chose a bold green floral skirt as my focus piece. I then supported the look with two neutral toned prints, a polka dot and a leopard print. Since the supporting prints are both neutral, they blend in nicely with the colors of the skirt.

Everyday style blogger polished whimsy wears a triple pattern mix outfit with green floral Anthropologie midi skirt neutral polka dot shirt and leopard print heels


Remember to keep the supporting prints a smaller scale than your lead print. Otherwise, you will achieve a very different look, one that may draw a lot of questions!

Everyday style blogger polished whimsy wears a triple pattern mix outfit with green floral Anthropologie midi skirt neutral polka dot shirt and leopard print heels

I hope you found this post educational and inspirational. Moreover, I hope you will try your hand at a triple pattern mix. It is truly an exceptional look.

Some of the items from this post are still available for purchase, so I have linked them below (including some fun alternatives). As always, remember to first go through your closet and remix what you have!

One Item Four Ways: Floral Bomber Jacket

Hello friend!

You may recall my last one item four ways post where I styled this target dress seven different ways. Well, I loved that print so much, I purchased it in the bomber jacket as well. Because bomber jackets are new to my wardrobe and style, I challenged myself to style it four ways. I am determined to make this floral bomber jacket appropriate for both work and play.

floral bomber jacket with a graphic tee

The first way I styled the jacket is a simple, casual look. A graphic tee and boyfriend jeans make for a perfect casual vibe. In addition to those items, I accessorized with the ubiquitous choker trend to add some extra sass to the outfit.

Target floral bomber jacket with graphic tee and jeans

For my next styling, I made the floral bomber jacket more work appropriate by pairing it with a preppy striped skirt. I also wanted some more color, so I added a pink lace shirt. In addition to the color, the shirt added texture and interest to the look. While this outfit is a bit more adventurous than the others, the neutral tones in the skirt paired with the coordinating colors of the shirt and jacket truly make it work.

floral bomber jacket with striped skirt and lace teeTarget floral bomber jacket with lace tee and j crew striped skirt

I also wanted to try the bomber with a textured skirt. Because I have been loving pairing lace skirts with just about everything, I brought it out for this look too! I kept the color scheme neutral here so as not to have too much competition. Consequently, by keeping the colors neutral and in similar tones to the jacket, this casual floral bomber jacket can easily be paired with a dressier lace skirt.

Halogen lace skirt with target floral bomber floral bomber jacket and choker

For the last outfit, I chose a date night look. I paired the jacket with tight black skinnies, a lace tee and heels. This is definitely a racier look, but another one that certainly works.

Target bomber jacket with lace tee and topshop moto jeansfloral bomber jacket with ripped moto jeans and lace tee

While I loved all four looks, my mind would not stop creating more. In the future, I would like to try this jacket with a striped turtleneck as well as a tulle skirt. Maybe both together even!

Do you have any other ideas on how to wear a floral bomber jacket? Please let me know in the comments. Furthermore, if you would like to shop these looks, I have linked up the items below.

Lord & Taylor Friends and Family Sale

Hello friends!

Every year around this time, the boxes arriving at my door do not seem to cease. That’s because there are so many good sales going on. One of the ones I look forward to yearly is the Lord and Taylor friends and family sale. That is because, this sale is phenomenal: most items are up to 25% off! Consequently, the thought of such a good sale can make us giddy, almost to the point of impractical. For that reason, I try to plan ahead. That way, I 0nly purchase what I truly need, both for the season as well as to stock up.

I initially aim at purchasing my essentials that do not otherwise go on sale. The biggest example of this is my favorite bra. Because it is a luxury brand, it usually does not get marked down, except in the case of a color discontinuation. For that reason, I always stock up during the sale.

Besides bras, my other favorite essential to purchase are pumps. My favorites are the Kate Spade Licorice. Similar to the bra, the basic colors never go on sale. Therefore this is my opportunity to purchase those colors at a discounted price. Last year, I purchased a black and nude pair, both of which I’ve worn numerous times already.

plaid old navy peplum with seersucker j crew skirt and kate spade licorice pumps


topshop polka dot midi skirt

Once I have my essentials restocked, I allow myself to purchase some fun in-season items. I’ve been eyeing this bomber jacket, this moto jacket, and this block heel ankle strap shoe.

I have listed my top picks below, but the options are endless. Therefore, take your time and thoroughly shop the Lord and Taylor friends and family sale. Make sure to pick out some essentials as well as some fun items to add to your closet.

Travel Style: Weekend in NYC

Hello friend,

Like many of you, I like to travel. Recently, I went to New York City for a quick weekend getaway. As a working mom, a weekend away was not only fun, it was a necessity. I had over 48 hours to myself, with only adult conversation around. I also had the luxury of getting ready at leisure, and dressing up for fun. Most importantly, as any fashionista knows, New York is a city alive with fashion and personal style. So you can see why having cute outfits available was key. New York style is no joke. One must keep up!

If you read my other travel posts, you know that I have a list of must takes for each trip. Well, here is the list for a weekend city getaway:

  1. Scarf or cover-up (for plane and trip): Since it was still pretty warm, I got away with taking a large lightweight scarf from Express. The colors were in neutral tones, making it easy to pair with many of my outfits.New York city style with scarf and moto bag
  2. Lounging outfit: Because my trip was short, I didn’t want to pack a separate lounge outfit. But I did manage to make my return travel outfit (moto leggings and a tee shirt) do double duty as a lounge outfit.
  3. Location appropriate neutral shoes: For this trip, I chose only two pairs of shoes. I traveled to New York with a pair of low heeled booties. Another one of my travel tips is to wear your largest shoe on the plane, thus saving valuable suitcase space. This is especially helpful if you are carrying on your bag.New York Style with denim on denim and a flannel My evening shoe was a pair of leopard print pumps. They are a perfect add on to any outfit, matching seamlessly and adding a lot of interest with the pattern.New York city style with distressed denim and blazer
  4. Evening bag: Once again, because my trip was so short, I made sure that my items were used in multiple situations/outfits. I traveled with a large bag, my trusty moto tote that held my kindle, tablet, and all the essentials for the plane. But I also took along my smaller crossbody bag, for day excursions and evenings out.New york style evening out look with polka dots and leopard printNew York style in boyfriend jeans and blazer

My New Work trip was everything I wanted it to be. Overall, I enjoyed my quick weekend away and felt like I achieved that perfect New York style. What do you think of the outfits I chose?

As always, you can shop my items here:

Inspiration to Execution: Gingham on Gingham

Hello friend,

As you likely already know, I like wearing J Crew clothes. They always seem to put out classic yet compelling prints. Moreover, they tend to pair those prints together very well. Take for example, this amazing gingham on gingham outfit recently on their website.

This outfit is one I definitely wanted to emulate. I had seen similar looks by them before, and was ready to try my hand on a gingham on gingham outfit. So I set out to find myself a similar look. Luckily, I already had a large gingham print skirt. As it was in blue, I paired it with a blue gingham shirt, also already in my closet.


I chose blue prints for both to easily unify them. As the inspiration picture clearly demonstrates, using the same colorway for the top and skirt makes the outfit cohesive.

gingham on gingham outfit

Fortunately, the combination worked out well. I added a cognac belt to break up the mass of blue gingham. Because the gingham added so much of a preppy vibe, I chose a bold fringy statement necklace to balance that out.


For shoes and purse, I chose to stay neutral. But I could not help adding a third print in the shoes.


Overall, I like the look. Isn’t it surprising how wearing one print in different sizes can look so chic?

blue gingham on gingham with leopard

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear gingham on gingham? If you are inspired to try, I have linked some similar items below.

One Item Four Ways: Floral dress

Hello friend,

One of my recent purchases has been this gorgeous high low floral dress from the Who What Wear line at Target.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with baublebar earrings and rebecca minkoff love bag

From the moment I saw it in the store, I knew it had to be mine. I waited a few days to purchase, following my personal “cooling off period” rule. But after those few days, I still *needed* it. So off I went to Target and quickly snapped it up. Within ten days of purchase, I had already worn the dress three times. That was my cue to write a one item four ways post.

Now you all know, I like separates. They are easy to mix and match, thus allowing me to alter my look constantly. In contrast, dresses are one piece; that makes them innately harder to style in different ways. Because of that reason, I challenged myself to try multiple looks with this floral dress. In addition to the four looks I needed for the post, I easily found three more. Therefore I believe I have disproved my assumption that dresses are harder to style.

For my first pairing, I chose a simple layered look for our warm early fall weather. I paired the dress with warm cognac hued sandals and a neutral cardigan. Then, I topped it all off with a similar tone belt.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with cardigan, belt and sandals

For a casual evening out look, I changed out the sandals for a pair of booties. I also added a structured bag and a pair of statement earrings.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with vince camuto booties

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with baublebar primrose drops earrings

Following those classic looks, I tried a boho look. To accomplish the bohemian vibe, I accessorized the dress with fringe booties and a floppy hat.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with baublebar lariat choker Sam Edelman fringe booties and baublebar lariat choker

In addition, over-sized sunglasses and a black lariat choker complete the boho look.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with baublebar lariat choker

Next I added some layers. Because I was confident vests would look good with the dress, I tried two looks. To start off safe, I tried a denim vest. It did not fail me! The resulting look was fun and carefree.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe floral Dress with demin best

In contrast to the standard denim vest, for the next look, I pushed the envelope and chose a shearling lined faux suede vest. While the texture of the vest may seem at odds with the femininity of the floral dress, the contradiction adds interest and individuality to the outfit. This is definitely an edgier look, but one that, in my opinion, still works.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with shearling vest

Following that bold pairing, for the next outfit I decided to juxtapose soft and hard by pairing the dress with a moto jacket. I chose my blush pink moto jacket because the color went well with the ones in the dress.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with forever 21 leather moto jacket

For the last look, I wanted to transition the dress to winter. I have always loved pairing sweaters with dresses. It’s like getting a whole new item, a skirt! Therefore, I pulled out my chunky turtleneck sweater to wear with the dress. As predicted, it complemented the skirt perfectly. I also took a note from Target’s styling of a similar dress and paired my booties with thin socks.

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with turtleneck sweater, baublebar primrose earrings and rebecca minkoff jumbo love bag

Target Who What Wear Women's Long Sleeve Crepe Dress with turtleneck sweater and baublebar primrose earrings

I am so pleased with myself for putting together seven outfits with one floral dress. If you have any more suggestions or a favorite, please let me know in the comments! Furthermore, you can shop some of the items from this post with the links below!

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