The Beauty Beat: The Five Minute Face

Hello friend! We’ve all been there: woke up late, lost track of time, kiddo had a meltdown… Whatever the reason, we’ve all had days where we wanted to put on some makeup but had desperately little time. Let me show you an easy makeup routine for when you’re pressed for time. My five minute face will have you looking fresh and presentable in no time.

Polished whimsy's five minute face

My five minute face routine is simple and adaptable to each situation. The best thing about this routine: you can modify it to your specific needs. It is essentially just two steps. Depending on how much time you have, you can add a few sub-steps, thus completely tailoring the routine to your needs for that day.

Step 1: Hide Your Biggest Concern

Again, you can have many sub-steps here. But the focus is to cover up the “imperfections” you see that bring down your self confidence. Because truly, going about your day completely confident in your look is the main goal here.

Polished whimsy's five minute face routine
Before face: no makeup

My biggest concern is my skin. I suffer from rosacea and therefore have a lot of red in my skin. Ironically others don’t think it looks that bad, but I feel insecure with my bare face showing. Therefore my step 1 is always some kind of foundation.

Polished whimsy's five minute face routine
Before face: no makeup

If I am in the biggest hurry, then I just swirl on some mineral powder and move on! My go-to at the moment is Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder.

Polished whimsy's five minute face routine
Step one: mineral foundation

Since I don’t have time for a full face of makeup, thus no bronzer, blush etc, I have chosen a shade that is just a touch darker than my skin tone. This serves two purposes: first, it ensures coverage of my redness. Second, it adds color to my face without the need for bronzer.

To get the best coverage, I use a dense brush such as this Bdellium tools one. I use circular buffing motions to apply the powder and then sweeping motions to blend in.

Polished whimsy's five minute face

If I have a tad more time, I may add some concealer. Because I have redness around my eyes, I make sure to put concealer and/or the foundation on my eyelids as well. This ensures a well-rested appearing face.

Polished whimsy's five minute face
Step 1: conceal problem spots

Step 2: Highlight Your Best Asset

The second step in my five minute face routine is highlighting your best asset. By bringing the focus to your best asset, the onlooker will notice that lovely feature and miss the fact that the rest of your face is not as perfected.

My biggest asset is my eyes, therefore I will always do something to draw attention to them. When I have absolutely no time, I will just use my favorite volumizing mascara to make my eyes look wide and awake. If I have more time, I will further define with some eye shadow and eyeliner. I use a neutral taupe shade from my favorite eye shadow palette to add definition and depth to my eyes.

Polished whimsy's five minute face
Step two: define eye crease

Then I try to work in some eyeliner to my inner upper lash line. This is called tight-lining. It may feel weird at first, but it is much easier than trying to get a straight line on your eyelid. It also gives great definition to the eye without looking “makeup-y.” Furthermore, it makes your lashes look thicker. Just be sure to use an eyeliner that is specifically for the waterline, like my favorite one here.

Polished whimsy's five minute face
Left side with eyeliner, ride side without

I tend to use brown, gray or navy as my eyeliners for daytime. I find they provide adequate definition without looking too harsh. While I also love black eyeliner, I save that for evening and dramatic looks. Most days, I also bring the eyeliner half way in on my bottom water line. I find this further defines my eye shape. I leave the inner half clear to keep the eye bright and awake looking.

Polished whimsy's five minute face
Eyeliner on upper and lower water lines

Last of course is mascara, lots of good volumizing mascara.

Polished whimsy's five minute face
Add mascara

If I have a tad more time, I will also define my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. This further frames my eyes. I can often skip this step because I already have dark brows. For those with lighter brows, defining them may be more important than some of these other steps. Like I said, do what works for you! That’s the beauty of my five minute face.

Polished whimsy's five minute face
With eyebrows defined

Finishing Touches

My five minute face is basically finished. If I need any more color on my face, I may add a pinch of blush or a lipstick. But most of these busy days, I will opt for a tinted lip balm or gloss and head out the door.

Polished whimsy's five minute makeup
After face: fresh and polished

What is your quick go-to makeup look? Will you be able to adapt my five minute face for your needs? Let me know if you have any questions.

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