Skirt Code: Why I Prefer to Wear Skirts, Reason 2

Hello friend! I often get comments regarding my skirt collection. I’m not going to lie, it’s good! But that’s because I have been curating my collection for many years. I adore wearing skirts and I tend to do so on a daily basis. That’s why I started this series; you can read more about it in the first skirt code post. The second reason that I wear skirts is that they have a bigger “wow factor” than pants.

Unique Skirt Details

There is no way to truly explain it, but I think we all know what I mean. There is not much you can do to a pant that makes it all that unique. Skirts, on the other hand, can be designed in many different ways. From adding pleats to scalloped edging, skirts will definitely stand out more than pants.

polished whimsy wants you to wear skirts

polished whimsy wants you to wear skirtspolished whimsy wants you to wear skirts

Wow Them with Tulle

One of my most favorite skirts is a tulle skirt. Romantic, frilly, undeniably feminine, tell me which pant can come close to the whimsical perfection of a tulle skirt. Furthermore, a tulle skirt can be paired with anything, from a tweed jacket to a simple tee shirt, and still look phenomenal. Pair the same items with a pant, and the result is just not the same.

polished whimsy wants you to wear skirtspolished whimsy on why women should wear skirts more often

If you don’t wear skirts as often as I do, I encourage you to start! They truly add such pizzazz to an outfit. I can guarantee as soon as you start wearing them, you will get a ton of compliments AND feel fabulous. So why wait, start today! If you’re not yet convinced, stay tuned to the next installment of this series. I predict in time, I will have a skirt wearing army to back me up!

I have listed some comparable skirts from the post and ones that I am currently lusting over below. Happy shopping!

Try This: White Jeans in Winter

Hello friend! Sadly it wasn’t until recently that I realized I could wear my white jeans beyond the summer months. But that’s the beauty of fashion and personal style: it always evolves. So thanks to my lovely fashionista friends, I am now all about wearing my white jeans in winter! In case you’re not sure, let me show you how it can be done.

White Jeans for the Office

Right away, I knew I had to try a work appropriate look. I felt that wearing denim to the office would be the most difficult to pull off, so I set ahead to do so. Surprising, I found an outfit very easily AND it looks great! I think it stems from the fact that white jeans look more like pants than they look like jeans. Therefore, you can easily make them office ready (just be sure to choose a non distressed pair like mine here).

Polished whimsy in white jeans for winter at the office

To wear the white jeans to work, I simply paired them with a navy top and a tweed blazer. The look is instantly office chic. I went with blues because I think it’s a perfect color for winter, read more about it in my winter transition post.

Polished whimsy in white jeans for winter
Polished whimsy in white jeans for winter at the office

For my accessories, I chose a pair of silver pumps and a blue handbag. Silver pumps are a surprisingly neutral shoe. They work well for work and play. If you don’t have one yet, I highly urge you to consider one. I will link to a few pair (most on sale!) below.

Lastly, for my jewelry, I chose to wear only statement earrings. Now I went back and forth on this decision, as I thought a necklace could also look good. However in the end, I stuck with the earrings. Because the scalloped edging on the jacket is so pretty, I didn’t want to distract the eye away from it with a necklace.

Polished whimsy in white jeans for winter at the office

Casual White Jeans in Winter

A more casual look with white jeans in winter can easily be created with a simple jeans and sweater look. For this one, I chose a very cozy turtleneck sweater with many neutral tones mixed in. The result is simple yet refined.

Polished whimsy in white jeans for winter Polished whimsy in white jeans in winter casual outfit

My favorite part of this outfit is of course the fabulous booties. I have been wanting casual gray booties for a while, and this pair with its edgy vibe is just perfect.

Polished whimsy in free people hybrid leather ankle boots

White Jeans and OTK Boots

What kind of a white jeans in winter post would this be if I didn’t incorporate over the knee boots, right? So I tried it and I LOVED it. Therefore I have two outfits with it. The first is this more casual one. Here I paired the jeans (my favorite distressed pair) with olive and taupe. The overall neutral tone allowed me to have fun with pattern, texture and proportion.

Polished whimsy in white jeans and over the knee boots Polished whimsy in white jeans and peplum top

I like how the peplum top works with the tall boots. And the little bits of distressed white denim showing are a great detail. These boots are a great find in that they are truly the perfect neutral tone for winter. This shade of taupe will work with any and every outfit! So if you own a pair, bust them out to wear with your white jeans this winter!

Polished whimsy in white jeans and over the knee taupe franko sarto boots

Now the fun doesn’t have to stop here. I also tried this look by adding in a fur vest. Since we are in winter, the fur adds a layer of warmth. Moreover, it adds fun texture and print to the outfit.

Polished whimsy in white jeans for winter Polished whimsy in white jeans for winter

White Jeans for a Night Out

For my last outfit, I wanted a going out look. Because I still wanted to wear it with a boot, I switched to my slimmer and sexier evening OTK boots. And what better color for a night out than black right? So the outfit quickly came together as a black and white look.

Polished whimsy in white jeans in winter going out look

Although I am a color girl, sometimes a black and white outfit is all the statement a girl needs. Moreover, all of the beautiful texture gives it a lot of interest and elegance.

Polished whimsy in white jeans and lace Polished whimsy in white jeans in winter and lace going out outfit

Because the lace blouse has so much beautiful detail already, I decided to skip a necklace and opt only for a pair of earrings. These black and white pair that resemble lace are a perfect companion to the outfit.

Polished whimsy in white jeans in winter going out outfit

In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that I am loving white jeans in winter. There are endless ways to wear them for every kind of occasion. I’d love to know how you are wearing white jeans in winter. Let me know in the comments or tag me on Instagram.

Clothing pieces from the post (and close alternatives of older items) are linked below.

Try This: Plaid and Lace

Hello friend! As you know from reading my blog, I enjoy pairing unexpected pieces together (read more about it in my lace skirt and sweatshirt post). Because I have recently been pulling out my white items of clothing from storage (discussed in my winter transition post), I came upon that same lace skirt. I knew I wanted to wear it in a unique way, so I tried a plaid and lace outfit.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit

Plaid and White Lace

The outfit came out better than I anticipated. There is just something inherently beautiful about pairing unexpected pieces together. I especially like to pair “soft” with “tough” which is how I came up with my camo and lace post. The same concept works here. A “tough” or masculine plaid shirt is paired with a “soft” or feminine lace skirt.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit

An added bonus of wearing this skirt in the winter is the ability to stretch out my summer wardrobe. Although this skirt, with its feminine eyelet and scallop detail, is more of a summer skirt, paired with the flannel, it can pass in the winter.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit

Even though the outfit itself is such a standout, I still couldn’t resist adding another pattern in. Therefore, I wore a leopard print shoe. Then I just pulled it all together with a black shoulder bag. Lastly, for jewelry, I added one of my favorite earrings and some fun rings.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit and baublebar earrings

Plaid and Black Lace

Because the above outfit worked out so well, I set out to try it with another lace skirt. I chose a pretty black and taupe lace skirt. This time, I chose a plaid top with many neutral tones in it. The outfit also turned out great.

Polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfitpolished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit

For the accessories here, I chose not to pattern mix (it does happen once in a while)! Instead I opted for accessories with some fun details and textures. Therefore I chose a pair of booties with fringe and a fun textured clutch.

polished whimsy in plaid and lace outfit polished whimsy in plaid and lace All in all, I think both of these outfits turned out great. Furthermore, it gives you more options on mixing your clothing items together. I hope you try a plaid and lace outfit for yourself! Items from this post (or similar ones) are available for shopping below!

Winter Wardrobe Transition

Hello friend! Winter is finally here. Now we don’t have too cold a winter in Los Angeles, but I still like to adjust my clothes for the new season. Let me show you my process for updating my closet and transitioning into my winter wardrobe.

Update Colors of Winter Wardrobe

For my seasonal color palettes, I like to take cues from nature and the occasions of that season. For example, during fall transition, I like to wear warmer colors such as browns and oranges. Then, during December, I center my outfits around holiday colors. For that month, I wore a lot of red, green and gold. Now that we are in Winter, I lean towards a few staple color schemes.

First, I add white back into my wardrobe (stay tuned for winter white posts). During the fall months, I did not wear much white (besides small accent pieces). But now that it is winter, I can add it back in. Because winter is often associated with snow, white makes for a quintessential winter color.

In addition to the white, I adjust the rest of my colors away from the warm shades of fall and towards the cooler and icier tones of winter. For example, I will wear more blues and grays.

Try New Combinations

Winter is the perfect season to experiment with layers! I enjoy layering cool weather clothes such as scarves, vests and sweaters over other pieces in my wardrobe. This makes for fun and new combinations to wear. The key to making this type of look “work” is to choose a unifying color scheme.

Polished whimsy winter wardrobe transition

For example, pick items that have similar tones so they look like they “go” together even if they are from different seasons. As you can see in the example below, I have paired a spring/summer pleated skirt with a thick turtleneck sweater. Even though the items look like they are from different seasons, the outfit works because the colors are unified. In this example, it is the color gray that brings it all together.

Polished whimsy's winter wardrobe transition with flowy skirt and turtleneck sweater

Retire Some Pieces

Finally, I urge you to retire some items of clothing. Whether it’s a permanent retirement to a charity or a temporary retirement to storage, you will see results. Your winter wardrobe will be neater and more accessible.

No matter what, there will be some items you just won’t wear year round (for me that is rompers, shorts and sandals). Instead of letting them occupy valuable space in your closet, pack them away for the season. This accomplishes a working closet (in that everything in it can be worn at that time). It also gives you something to look forward to next season, where you get to bring out those stored pieces. It’s like free shopping!

These three simple updates keep me interested in my wardrobe and help me look fresh each season. Do you have any other tips? Please let me know in the comments!

My Skin Care Routine

Hello friend! Today I thought I’d share my skin care routine with you. It’s an important part of our beauty routine that is often overlooked. I confess, I’m not one to get excited over skin care. To me, it’s more of a necessity than a pampering. However, knowing how important it is, I do make a point of providing my skin with proper care. In this post, I will share what I have learned throughout the years in the hopes that it will help you!

Good skin care is not cheap. Because of the cost and the sheer number of products available, I recommend consulting with a dermatologist to make sure you pick the right products for your skin type. Therefore, you won’t waste money trying products blindly. Furthermore, you don’t have to go high end with every product. I’ll tell you where to save your money.

Save on face wash. I learned that in pharmacy school years ago. It makes complete sense, you are washing it OFF! No need to go high end there. I am appalled that there are cleansers selling for triple digits. I say, choose one that is mild and appropriate for your skin. There are many options at all price points.

Morning Skin Care Routine

My morning routine can be split up into four main steps.


I like to wash with a gentle non abrasive wash in the morning. Since I have (or should have!) washed off my makeup the night before, my skin should be relatively clean. This cleansing step is simply to get rid of any dead skin and oil produced overnight. I like to use a non-tripping (i.e. non-foaming) cream cleanser. My favorite one right now is Normacleanse by ZO Medical.

Now this product is billed as a cleanser for normal to dry skin. However, it is light and mild and I would argue that it works for all skin tones. For example, I have oily to combination skin and this works wonderfully for me. Also, this product is very concentrated so it lasts me for a very long time. I usually use about two pea size dallops to wash my entire face.


This step is different for each person as well as in different times of your life or season of the year. For my skin, I use two serums. One is a vitamin C serum that fights off free radicals. The second is a redness reducing serum.

Polished whimsys skin care routine


At this point I use a moisturizer for my face and eye area. For most of the year, I only use my face lotion. However, during the coldest and driest parts of the winter, I also like to mix in some extra moisture with a hyaluronic acid concentrate. For the eye area, I choose a fast absorbing but moisturizing eye cream so that it won’t impede my makeup application.

Polished whimsys skin care routine

Step Four: PROTECT

Finally I apply a layer of sunscreen to protect my face from the damaging rays of the sun. Currently I am using this product, but I’m not completely loving it. So if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comment section!

Evening Skin Care Routine

My evening skin care centers around thoroughly cleansing my skin of the makeup and grime from the day. Following that, I work in some age reversal products and end with a good moisturizing.


At nights, I perform a double cleanse to ensure that all my makeup is removed. First I use an oil cleanser. I massage it well into my skin (including my eye area). Then I add a bit of water to emulsify it. I follow that with a good rinsing. Then, I use my cream cleanser, usually in conjunction with my Clarisonic skin cleansing brush. After this, my skin is super clean but not dry or tight.

Polished Whimsy's skin care routine


For my evening time treatments, I use a retinol type product to speed up skin cell turnover. As a result, skin is softer and less textured. I switch between this retexturing serum and retinol cream. While both work well, I find that the serum is a bit gentler. Therefore, I turn to that one in the drier months. I follow that with a glycolic acid treatment, which acts as a chemical exfoliant, clearing off the dead skin.


The last part of my night routine is to follow up everything with a nice moisturizer. This product is another one that I vary. At the moment, I am using my hyaluronic acid treatment which is doing the job quite well.

Polished Whimsys skin care routine


I will leave you with one of my most important tips. When applying different products, to ensure best penetration of each item, apply in order of lightest to heaviest. For example: liquids first, followed by any gels, next any lotion products, then creams, last will be oils.

If you’d like to try some of these products, I have linked them here:

One Item Four Ways: Buffalo Check Dress

Hello friend! During the colder months, I often turn to buffalo check as my pattern du jour. I already have multiple posts on that specific print, one with a white buffalo check sweater and another with a red buffalo check tunic. It’s obvious I don’t need another buffalo check anything! But, when it comes to this print, I have no head for reason. So I got a buffalo check dress! But I assure you it is quite versatile, see for yourself …

Buffalo Check Dress with OTK Boots

The main reason I got this dress was that I needed a dress with a shorter hemline to wear with my over-the-knee boots. Most of my dresses are knee length, thus completely covering the top of the boot. The beauty of the boot is then lost. But pair it with a shorter dress and every detail of the boot is noticeable.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and over the knee bootsPolished whimsy in buffalo check dress and over the knee boots

For the accessories, I added my favorite statement necklace the Electra from Baublebar. And for my purse, I chose to keep it simple with the Love Crossbody from Rebecca Minkoff.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and over the knee boots

Playing with Lengths

One of the looks I was very excited to try was this one pairing the buffalo check dress with a long sweater cardigan. I love the contrast in the lengths. In all honesty, I was very self conscious about showing this much leg. But the sweater helps to cover up some of the skin so I don’t feel too exposed.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and sweater duster cardigan Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and sweater duster cardigan

Since pattern mixing is one of my favorite ways to wear an outfit, I had to bring in a second pattern to this look. I did so subtly, with a pair of leopard print heels. The effect is brilliant in that the shoes pop but do not distract from the dress. I also chose to only wear a pair of earrings with this look, again to keep the focus on the clothing mix.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and sweater duster cardigan

Tough Girl in Buffalo Check

For this next look, I wanted to treat the dress as more of a tunic. Because of its relative short length, it can definitely double as one. Therefore I paired it with my new leather leggings from Gray Monroe. [Sidebar: these leggings are great: good fit and at a great price!] The effect was exactly what I was aiming for: a cool girl vibe without it being over-the-top trendy.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and leather leggings Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and leather leggings

One of my favorite things about this look is the boots. I have been wanting a pair of booties with studs for a while now. I was thrilled to have gotten this pair from Rebecca Minkoff. To complement the leather look, I added my Rebecca Minkoff moto bag. I topped it all off with my warrior necklace to pull off a perfect street chic look!

Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and leather leggings Polished whimsy in buffalo check dress and leather leggings

Preppy in Buffalo Check Dress

Because I like pairing buffalo check with gingham, I had to try that look with this dress as well. I aimed for an overall preppy outfit, layering the dress over a gingham button-down shirt. Here I also chose to belt the dress, so that it resulted in a different silhouette than the other outfits.

Polished whimsy in gingham and buffalo check dress Polished whimsy in gingham and buffalo check dress

For my accessories, I decided to keep everything neutral and consistent with light brown tones. This allowed me to wear my favorite new pair of boots. They are so cute, especially the pretty lace up ribbon detailing in the back. I kept the jewelry pretty minimal as well, with a matching Kendra Scott necklace and earrings.

Polished whimsy in gingham and buffalo check dress

Whimsical in Buffalo Check Dress

I always like to put a whimsical touch an an outfit. To me, nothing says whimsy like polka dots. Therefore, for this bonus look, I had to try an envelope-pushing mix by pairing the buffalo plaid with polka dots. Whats even more fun here is that I wore the skirt over the dress. This is one of my favorite tricks to stretch out my wardrobe. This trick is especially useful when traveling.

Polished whimsy in triple pattern mix outfit with buffalo check, leopard print and polka dots Polished whimsy in triple pattern mix outfit with buffalo check, leopard print and polka dots

And since this was a bonus outfit, I was even bolder than usual and added some leopard print shoes. If you like this mix, check out my triple pattern mix post to see similar options.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed playing with my buffalo check dress. It is definitely a versatile item that will play well with other items in my closet. Let me know your favorite look in the comments!

Color Crush: Gray and Mustard

Hello friend! With the transition to winter, I will also update some of my color combinations. In winter, I tend to work in more cooler neutrals, like gray. For a seamless transition from fall to winter, I will pair gray and mustard in my outfits. This color combination combines one of my favorite fall colors with one of my favorite winter colors. Therefore, it’s guaranteed to be a winning combination! Let’s see the proof:

Gray and Mustard for Work

Add some interest to your work outfit by incorporating this new color scheme into your work wear.

Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy

In this outfit, the gray and mustard are already paired together in the skirt. Therefore, I simply played off of that by adding touches of mustard elsewhere. For example, I wore mustard shoes and a blouse with mustard accents.

Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy

Winter Ready in Gray and Mustard

Another work (or going out) outfit can be achieved by pairing a chunky turtleneck sweater with a yellow skirt. Actually, in this outfit, I wore the sweater over a dress (one of my favorite little tricks!) The effect is still the same; in essence it looks like a flowy skirt paired with a sweater. Moreover, it’s a smart way to extend the wear of your lighter weight dresses.

Gray and mustard outfit on blogger polished whimsy Gray and mustard yellow outfit as seen on Polished Whimsy blog

For accessories, I went off the black accents in the print of the dress and chose to add black shoes and a bag. For earrings, I added my black Chiquita drop earrings.

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard

Casual Gray and Mustard

Take this color combination into other aspects of your life too. It is easy to make a casual look with gray and mustard. Here I paired a sweater and button down. The sweater already had both colors in it. The gray from the shirt solidifies the color palette. An added bonus is of course the fun pattern mix.

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard casual outfit

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard casual outfit

I played up the accessories for this look with a pretty pendant necklace and some fun bracelets.

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard casual outfit

Color Blocked in Gray and Mustard

For a casual going out look, I chose to concentrate on the colors themselves. Therefore I chose solids and went for a  color-blocked outfit. This gray cold shoulder sweater has been a great piece this winter (and at a great price point). While it keeps me covered and warm (the cold shoulder is truly not that cold!), it also adds style and flair to any outfit. Furthermore, the ruffle adds a sweet and romantic touch.

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard gold shoulder outfit Polished whimsy in gray and mustard gold shoulder outfit

The bold color of the skirt is exactly what I was looking for. You know that I like pairing mustard with various other colors. Previously I have done posts on mustard and mint as well as mustard and burgundy, therefore I like having a bold mustard skirt in my closet. So when I saw this one at J.Crew over the holidays, I knew it had to be mine! I adore the nautical details in the buttons. It has since sold out, but here are some other options:

Toss in my favorite booties and the color block is complete. This allows for each piece to stand out on its own. For accessories I chose one standout piece, these amazing crescent earrings. In addition to the earrings, I went bold with my lip color too. This is the NYX liquid lipstick in Kitten Heels. It’s a bright red with a tinge of orange. It really brightens up the face!

Polished whimsy in gray and mustard gold shoulder outfitI hope you will try these colors together. As always, I have linked the available items below.

Shop the Post

One Item Four Ways: Green Tartan Skirt

Hello friend! By now you all know that I am infatuated with patterns. Recently tartan plaid has claimed my heart. So when I saw this green tartan skirt on StyleWe, I knew I had to have it. Since I received it, I have worn it three times. It is both versatile and flattering. Let me show you by styling it four ways.

Modern Green Tartan Skirt

For the first look, I decided to pair the classic skirt with an on-trend item like this cold shoulder sweater. I chose to keep this look neutral so that the color and print of the skirt are the focus of the outfit.

Polished whimsy in green tartan skirt and grey cold shoulder sweater. Polished whimsy in green tartan skirt and grey cold shoulder sweater.

For accessories I chose my grey Charming Charlie tote. I kept the jewelry minimal, with a statement necklace and a watch.

Polished whimsy in green tartan skirt and grey cold shoulder sweater.

Demure in Green Tartan Skirt

Next I wanted to add in some pops of color. Because of my love for my mustard shoes, I decided mustard would be that color. My new Anthropologie blouse with its mustard bow detail stood out as the perfect top for this outfit.

Polished whimsy in green tartan skirt and anthropologie callum tie neck blousePolished whimsy in green tartan skirt and anthropologie callum tie neck blouse

Because of the pretty bow detail on the neck, I decided to skip a necklace. Instead I opted for a pretty pair of earrings and some bangle bracelets.

Polished whimsy in anthropologie callum blouse and green tartan skirt

Preppy Green Tartan Skirt

Another work appropriate look is this one incorporating a gingham button down shirt with the plaid skirt. Here I also got to play with a color theory I’ve been interested in: pairing adjacent colors on the color wheel. In this instance the adjacent colors are blue and green. An added bonus of course is the pattern mixing that is achieved with these items. You know nothing makes me happier than a pretty pattern mix!

polished whimsy in gingham and tartan plaid outfit
Polished whimsy pattern mixing in gingham shirt and green tartan skirt

For accessories, I wanted to add in some extra color, thus I wore a pair of red pumps. I also wanted to bring in a third pattern, so I added the leopard print clutch. For earrings, I decided to keep it minimal with my favorite hoops. Lastly, I decided to up the drama by adding a bold tassel necklace.

Polished whimsy pattern mixing in gingham shirt and green tartan skirt Polished whimsy pattern mixing in gingham shirt and green tartan skirt

Tough in Green Tartan Skirt

Finally for my most unique outfit, I chose to pair the skirt with leather and lace. I adore the juxtaposition of the wool against the lace and leather. Furthermore, I love that the outfit feels almost costume-y. It evokes a bit of Victorian times and even more, of 18th century Scotland (or what I know of it from watching Outlander). But to prevent it from being too costume-y, I made sure the cut of the jacket and skirt were modern.

polished whimsy in green tartan skirt with lace top and leather jacketpolished whimsy in green tartan skirt with lace top and leather jacketpolished whimsy in green tartan skirt with lace top and leather jacket

Sticking with my Victorian/Scottish inspiration, I chose a pair of lace-up booties to complete the look. Opting for a high heel also helped to keep the look contemporary. For my jewelry, I chose to pair the outfit with a sparkly tassel earring. This added yet another dimension of texture and interest to the look.

polished whimsy in green tartan skirt with lace top and leather jacket

Needless to say, I found it fun and easy to pair this gorgeous green tartan skirt with multiple items in my closet. But I’d love to hear your opinion. Which look is your favorite? If you’d like to venture out to try this yourself, the skirt is available here. I have also linked the other items from the post directly below.

Try This: Victorian Romance

Hello friend! I am lucky to have been invited to participate in this month’s Project Sister Act by my blogger friend Sheela Goh. Project Sister Act is a wonderful way for bloggers from different age groups to get together and post an outfit from an inspiration. The aim is to show that women in every age group can participate in style and fashion. I will be representing the woman in her 30’s.

This month’s theme is Victorian Romance. Now when I first thought of Victorian times, I thought of high collars and heavy skirts. But I didn’t want my outfit to be too literal, or costume-ish. Therefore, I went about mixing up my pieces. For some reason, this tweed jacket kept calling to me. I think the texture reminds me of that era. So, I chose the tweed and set out to find the rest of the outfit.

Polished whimsy in victorian romance theme outfit

I remember the first time I wore this jacket, in my Weekend in NYC post, Sheela had suggested I pair it with a tulle skirt. Well, that suggestion stuck with me and I decided to try it here. Because I like to play with textures (especially when my color palette is neutral), I added a black lace tee. The look just magically came together after that.

Polished whimsy in victorian romance theme outfit

For shoes, I chose a pair of lace-up booties. These felt quintessential Victorian.

Polished whimsy in victorian romance theme outfit and booties

For the jewelry, I wanted to contrast modern with Victorian. Therefore, I paired modern design Kendra Scott earrings with a traditional and classic pearl choker. I also chose to bring some edge to the look with some fun stacked rings.

Victorian Romance by Eve of theworldaccordingtoeve

Eve (representing teens) seemed to have a similar idea as I did regarding a high collar. This dress in its dark colors and floral print is a beautiful take on Victorian Romance. Moreover, I love how youthful and playful this outfit is.

Victorian Romance by Oby Grace of obygrace

Next up is a 20-something’s interpretation of Victorian Romance. The lovely Oby Grace and I had the same instinct to choose a tulle skirt. She chose to add a turtleneck and gorgeous leopard heels. I adore the flare she added!

Victorian Romance by Sheela of sheelawrites

Sheela (representing the 40s) always pushes the envelope and her take on the theme is of no exception. Her plaid ruffled skirt and baroque top are definitely in keeping with the era. However, she has added her own spin by pairing it with a red leather jacket.

sheela for Victorian Romance

Victorian Romance by Dawn of fashionshouldbefun

Dawn, representing 50’s, chose to wear pants. I love that she did something different than the rest of us. Her beautiful ruffly top provides a ton of romance and a reference to the Victorian era.

Dawn in Victorian Romance outfit

I am so happy to have been involved in this project. Thank you Sheela for asking me! It is such a pleasure to be with a group of lovely and talented ladies. Furthermore, I am glad to partake in a small movement that may prove once and for all that fashion is ageless!

One Item Four Ways: Wedge Booties

Hello Friend! Because we are well into boot and bootie season, I want to share with you multiple ways I wear my booties. I wear booties for all occasions of life and therefore will show you a pair of booties for a one item four ways post. The booties I will be showcasing are the Keyport wedge booties from Secret Celebrity which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Wedge Booties for Work

One of my favorite ways to wear wedge booties is with a skirt and tights. These specific booties are very conducive for a professional job because they are lean and streamlined. The classic design and timeless styling also help to make this bootie perfectly work appropriate.

Polished whimsy in wedge booties for work

Because of its neutral color, this bootie is perfect to pair with patterned tights. Here I paired it with a herringbone print. The stone color highlights the fun pattern in the tights while still standing out as its own piece.

Polished whimsy in herringbone tights and wedge booties

Casual Cutie in a Wedge Bootie

Besides work, these booties are easy to wear for many other occasions. Adding them to a simple jean and sweater look has you ready for a day of fun.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check sweater and wedge booties Polished whimsy in buffalo plaid sweater and wedge booties

Another option, especially for the colder days, is to layer a pair of leg warmers over the booties. This provides warmth and some additional style to your look.

Polished whimsy in buffalo check sweater and wedge bootiespolished whimsy in wedge booties and leg warmersAnother casual look, especially one for running errands, is pairing the booties with a comfy and cute pair of patterned leggings. I have these faire isle print ones that I adore. I simply added a high-low hem tee and a fun warrior necklace and I am good to go!

Polished whimsy in leggings and wedge booties

Dressing up the Wedge Booties

Because of the sleek look of the boot, it can be quickly taken to a more sophisticated look by pairing it with a flowy skirt. Add a sweater and some pretty earrings, and the look is perfect for a winter night out.

Polished whimsy in skirt with turtleneck sweater and wedge bootiesPolished whimsy in skirt and turtleneck sweater with wedge booties

Recently I have been obsessing over sweaters and flowy skirts. In fact, I will likely do another post dedicated to that look. But until then, here are some pretty options if you’d like to purchase a similar look for yourself:

In conclusion, I hope that with the multiple pairings of the booties, you are in agreement that they are a versatile item for your wardrobe. Fortunately for you, the inspiration does not stop here. For this blog post I am fortunate to link up with these other fabulous ladies all showcasing their Keyport wedge booties. Please check out their stylings as well!

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